Another satisfied uBITX owner.


Just gotta figure out how to get some labels on these switches and knobs. I did not stray much from the well known modifications. I did wire the KD8CEC extended switch mod slightly different, using a string of the same value resistor similar to the push buttons in the K1EL keyer. I also switched R250 to 100k which really helps the side tone. The main board is powered through a 12v regulator, with 13.8 volts to the PA.  It does have data capability with an internal duinovox. Microphone is a gutted lamp from Walmart $5.97, that happened to be the same color scheme.  The radio works really well and I have been getting good reports from it. So far, I have only used it on 40 meters due to the antenna situation. 

Don, ND6T

You da Man! Love that mic!

Kevin Rea

What did you use for the microphone element?


Used the stock mic element. Added the wind screen. I think 10 for 5 bucks from Amazon or ebay.