Buying just the stock standard vanilla #Radiuno (no uBitx) #radiuno


I previously purchased a Radiuno by itself for use in homebrew projects and would like another.  I don't want to take the time to source parts or build any of the expanded/extended/redesigned Radiunos at this time, exciting and good as they may be.

I cannot find the "Buy a Radiuno" button on hfsignals.  Have they been withdrawn from sale?

regards Paul VK3HN

Nick VK4PP

Hi Paul.

I have one, email me with an offer. with or without LCD...

73 Nick VK4PLN


Thanks Nick, I tried emailing you but didnt hear back.  Email me at vk3hn@... to continue the discussion.

I take it that HFSignals no longer sells just Radiuno by itself?


Paul, I got one from Nick a while back and it works fine as you would expect. Nick put a few extra sections on the PCB which I haven't used. I just dummied one up on the bench yesterday to checkout the CEC Nextion display


Nick VK4PP

Hi Paul, Email replied.
Glenn, Looking good....



Nick, do you have any Raduino boards still available? My email  call(at) if you want to reply direct.
Brian VK4BAP