Unbuilt uBITX Ver4 and Blue Cabinet for sale.

William Sallee <k6two@...>

I have an Unbuilt UBITX Ver 4 with matching Blue Cabinet for sale.  I want $180 shipped via Priority Mail. Text me 619 518 2547 I just am not motivated to build another superheterdyne transceiver. Not since I discovered SDR direct Sampling.


So William, what blue cabinet are we talking about here. The amateurradiokits one?



William, you could consider the road that SM0JZT has taken. He installed a G4HUP buffer amplifier and uses an RTL-SDR dongle externally. This gives you the best of worlds - a low-cost transmitter and an equally low-cost SDR receiver. I have also bought the buffer amplifier, but will wait with installing it until the winter.

Mike Short <ai4ns.mike@...>

So I would need a 70MHz buffer board for this?




The G4HUP buffer amplifier is connected to the 45 MHz IF that is available from C12. I have obtained an SMA "pigtail" that will connect the buffer amplifier output to the SDR dongle.

Rob French (KC4UPR)

Dumb question on the G4HUP buffer install... since this is attached into the receive side of the bidi amplifier, am I correct in understanding that this will not be adversely affected during transmit?  (And I see also that it is only powered on during receive, but I just want to make sure...)


Rob, Mike, or anyone,

Have you gotten this to work with the tap board off the 1st IF as SM6MOJ suggests?  I’ve installed the board, but can’t figure out the settings in uBitx Manager and OmniRig.  Ian’s approach off the 2nd IF was to set the offset frequency to 30,000,000 in both Manager and OmniRig, but that doesn’t work for me.  

Ii haven’t understood how the offset works.  Is it adding 30mhz to the IF oscillator(s), or just the difference between 30mhz and 11.097mhz.