Finished building my uBitX!

Gwen Patton

Well, it's alive! I still have to finish the mike, but I got it working in CW to test it. I'll finish building the mike in the next day or so, and hopefully I'll be on SSB by the weekend. I used my translucent 3d-printed Navy-style straight key, as you can see in the pics below. I had a bad moment when the key didn't work, then remembered seeing a keyer setting in the setup and switched it to "Hand Key" and it seems to work just fine. Sorry, I forgot to take pics of the inside. The nickel shielding spray seems to be working quite well, though you can't see it in these pics.

The knobs on it are lousy. I didn't have a 4mm knob for the volume control, and the encoder knob is too small. I ordered some nicer ones and they'll be here by the weekend. I also have the little 50mm fan that was posted to the list from Ebay on order to keep the heat sinks cool, and I mounted a small speaker in the top of the case.

Thanks to Jim W0EB for those breakouts for the 3.5mm sockets and the encoder -- they made this soooo much easier.


If you're of a mind to allow imitation, you can upload the files and pictures of your key to Thingiverse.


Gwen Patton

If I made it, I would, but it was purchased from the kind gentlemen at I don't have the print files myself, and as they're selling 'em, I doubt they're going to put the files on Thingiverse.

I also don't yet own a 3d printer. :(



Just a suggestion,  but if you adjust the contrast control on the back of the display you can get rid of those dark rectangles and it will be easier to see.
Lee - N9LO  "I Void Warranties"


Gwen Patton

When in use, those rectangles clear up nicely. It's a matter of viewing angle. The pictures were from too straight on to see the display clearly.

Don Stewart