ubitx first power up


I have my ubit x installed in a nice aluminum case and powered up.  It draws about 89 ma on receive, and receives stations.
but the stations are garbled as if the BFO is off.  Also Transmit only gives about 2 watts
At first the Radino  wasn't working at all but I downloaded Ashaar's original sketch and now all that appears to work properly, and I tried adjusting the BFO
This seemed to improve reception so I could at least understand the folks, but the audio is still horrible.
Is this just more playing with the BFO or is there a filter adjustment I should be looking at? I know there was some talk about the audio chip, but a filter out would also cause weak transmit?
Any comments?


Try this,

I found this method of Calibrating the BFO to be pretty straight forward and will put you pretty close.
Your audio will improve greatly and your reception will be up over the noise floor.
Good Luck



Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that someone on the board has advised that you should cycle the radio off and on each time you calibrate the BFO so that the setting "takes".  Not sure if that's true or not but that's what I did just to be sure.


I had a similar problem - I couldn't understand anything on SSB.  I experimented with varying the IF and +3800 on LSB did the trick!  It's in the menu after uploading version 1.061 of the KB8CEC software.  Varying the BFO didn't really have any effect.

The Memory Manager software allows you to keep the IF change from taking affect when operating CW.

I think this whole BITX project and all the community help, programming, etc. is just wonderful.  Reminds me of what a great hobby/obsession we have and of the quality of the people that are willing to give of their time and talents to mentor and to help fellow hams.

73, Steve


Thanks folks for all your help.  I'll try the BFO route first, now that I know the approximate range, and if that doesn't work I'll mess with the IF

Andy.   KM4TRT


Take a look at this:

I haven't tried to set the BFO in my uBitX, so I can't really vouch to this, but it makes sense and is easy to follow.  It appears that it would affect both RX and TX, except TX in CW mode since that bypasses the BFO and uses Clock 2 from the Raduino directly.  


I tried adjusting the BFO and it helped a whole lot about 11.997.  After watching VK3YE's video, I'll go back and fine tune. That guy always has great stuff.
One thing he implied was that even though the display says 11.995 when you go in, the last setting you made was still there until you change it.  I'l confirm that with the scope.

Latham, Chip

I am having transmitter problems with uBitx V3. Are there any test points and voltage and frequency values posted anywhere? Info would be very helpful. Output is so low I can’t measure it.


N5FJK “Chip”