pcb for modifications ver3 to ver4

Ashok Khachar

To apply some modifications of ubitX 4 to old ver 3 pcb plus S-meter sensor based on LM386 by Lee ,I design small pcb ,for more details visit my blog
will upload all pcb files to files folder soon 73 de vu2kyz

Ashok Khachar

link for my blog
video on my channel

Ashok Khachar

Sprint layout file uploaded to file folder GL

Rusdi Lee

Thanks for your work and information.It's help me a lot.

Terry Morris

For anyone clicking on Ashok's URL link above the gray horizontal line don't. Copy the link, enter it into the URL box of your browser, then be sure to remove the period between the letter "u" and the letter "b" before pressing <ENTER> key or clicking with your mouse. Else your browser will present you with an error message.​

Terry KB8AMZ