My first uBITx arrived!

LiviuS <yo5qcd@...>

Hello all, I'm a new member of this group.

My uBITx was ordered early feb., sent early march and arrived early may in YO. Due to the "care" taken by the Romanian post, no information about the arrival was sent to me. Thanks to India Post for backtracking the delivery!!
With a 15-days delay I retired my item, in perfect condition though.
So... the real delivery time to YO is about 90 days.

First contact: roughly packed, kit complete as listed on hfsignals website, the audio amp in anĀ  8-pin DIL socket (thanks Fahrhan, the through-hole solders are useful for hacking, specially for te digimodes lovers!).

Microscopic exam of PCB: visually perfect, neat solders, clean board.

Mechanical design for casing started last week, with the goal in mind to obtain a portable/mobile HF fieldday/emergency station setup, in a small suitcase (I'm seeking the local shops for a rough plastic one).

This weekend the startup tests are programmed. Next week the CEC 1.61 software will be adapted and tested for a 4x20 display and without wspr.

Liviu, radio YO5QCD