Arduino starter kit arrived

David Wilcox

After seeing someone post about this Elegoo Basic Starter Kit (Mega 2560 Project) for $30.00 I bit and ordered one last week.  It came today and arrived in a cute heavy duty plastic box similar to the ones Farhans radio kits come in.  It has what I call fair to good Chinese quality appearing parts, a solderless breadboard and Elegoo's own Arduino board along with a small data disk.  I printed out the manual and it appears to be written in good understandable English with a slew of high quality photographs and drawings.

I am a newbie to these Arduinos so as I build my Bitx40 I will go through the 17 lessons turning lights on and off, making a fan run, beeping and chirping and whatever else this little thingy will do.  Hopefully at the end I will have a working Bitx40 and understand a little about what all you guys are talking about in this group.  I have been faithfully reading all the posts and copying the ones that might help me not make mistakes.

So it looks like my $30.00 was well spent.  This Elegoo company has a lot of neat stuff for the robotic kids and the little chips that make them work.

Dave K8WPE