uBitx 321/3 is starting to come together #ubitx

Brien Wankel

I spent the last few nights taking measurements and designing a custom control panel for my uBitx. Last night I laser cut v1 of my design and starting putting it together. After getting it all mocked up and assembled i think the wiring of my USB port might run a bit too close to the heatsinks for my liking, so I suspect after a bit of break in i'll probably tweak this design a bit more and cut a new one. I still need to 3D print some knobs, might try to do that tonight. The main case is one of the Apache 1800 pelican knock-offs from Harbor Freight, the panel is laser cut/etched black acrylic. Full inside of enclosure section will be shielded/grounded with copper film after i have the final design nailed down. The vertical panel on the left has venting for the heat and a hole where i'll mount a grounding post. Cubby on the left side will be used for storage of paddle, headphones, mic, and power cables. Would love to hear any suggestions or words of warning if you have any. My main fear right now is the heatsinks. I'm thinking i'll be replacing the stock heatsinks with much larger pieces of 2" aluminum bar.


Brien / K7XPO

Daniel Conklin

I'm interested in your design.  Have you made some progress since you posted this?  Any new photos?
Dan, W2DLC