uBITX in compact Jameco case #ubitx

John Pieper

I finally finished the packaging of my uBITX. I had it on a breadboard for the first month of operation (I got one of the first batch).
The case is the Jameco Case Metal 6.3" x 7.75" x 2.5". It is a very close fit to the board, but I wanted a compact, streamlined
look for this one.

I had already planned to mount the IRF510s to the rear panel with insulating kits for heat sinking, but it actually still lacked
about 1/8 inch for having the LCD completely inside. I made it fit by removing the plastic standoff on the right-angle header on the
Raduino board with some hobby knife work, then heating the pins and carefully pushing them farther into the board until the board
was right up against the header on the main board when plugged in. That did it and I could then just cut a window for the display.
I didn't use any mounting hardware for the LCD, because none was needed! It's not going anywhere. This contributes to the clean
look of the front panel that I wanted.

The four jacks under the display are (l to r) Key/Paddle, Phones, Mic, and Data. The last is combined audio in and audio out
for connection to a sound card interface. Together with CAT to the USB port on the rear panel, only two cables are
needed to operate digital modes.

There is still 1-5/8 inches of space available on the right side of the case for a daughterboard that will hold AGC, a SCAF
filter, and forward/reflected power bridge. I'm working on the board design now. I plan to control AGC on/off and filter in/out
from the menu by use of an analog switch IC on the board. The SCAF center frequency and bandwidth controls will go
above the volume control.

By the way, the 7.75" "length" dimension really is left to right width of the front panel. I actually had to check with Jameco
because the datasheet linked to on the product page has the dimensions reversed on the drawing. I just checked and it
seems they have still not fixed it as they promised.

73, John AD0RW

Daniel Conklin <danconklin2@...>

Nice, clean look. Great job! 
My Jameco case is 6" wide and 7 inches long, inside dimensions. From what you and others are saying, it may not fit.  
Dan, W2DLC