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separate CAT jack, without using the USB cable 49 messages By Jonas Sanamon ·
uBITX Firmware CEC Version Added WSPR function, I am looking for a beta tester. 28 messages By Ian Lee ·
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Looking for the latest firmware version for 3.5 Enhanced Nextion 3 messages By Sam Tedesco ·
What's a Reason for less Power Output ONLY get 4W on 80m?.., 3-4W on 40/20m, 1W on 15/12/10m 10 messages By Curt ·
Selling my UBITX v.3 4 messages By Bobby ·
Lista component for ubitx 5 3 messages By CiccioSamui ·
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How to stop worrying and love the uBitx 17 messages By Tom, wb6b ·
VK4PP Ultimate uBitx Daughter Board. 39 messages By jkstark@... ·
2.8" and 3.2" Nextion Enhanced Displays for sale 2 messages By Jim Sheldon ·
What have I done to the receive? Weird screech? 24 messages By Gwen Patton ·
uBitx fan size for the amateurradiokits.in enclosure 21 messages By Sam Tedesco ·
uBitx has a bit too crispy / semi-distorted audio even on low signal levels 54 messages By Adrian Chadd ·
S Meter output sticking when changing tune step. 9 messages By derek (G4VWI) ·
Version 4 High Pitch Audio Oscillation 5 messages By David Posthuma ·
#ubitx knobs 5 messages By Kelly Mabry ·
ALL THE RADUINOS HAVE BEEN SOLD For Sale: 3 Factory Raduinos 1 messages By Jim Sheldon ·
For Sale: 3 Factory Raduinos 3 messages By Jim Sheldon ·
Ubitx V5 hf radio stop recieving 3 messages By Curt ·
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