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Very low audio/hiss from uBitx speaker after Nextion 3.5 update 8 messages By vu3gwn ·
Nextion Display USB Adapter wiring 34 messages By ... ·
Revamped I2C S-Meter for KD8CEC Firmware with Nextion. 5 messages By Dennis C (WC8C) ·
Nextion Display USB Adapter bedrading By Rene ·
Thanks Dr. Ian and all providing documentation and assistance with V6 and Nextion 3 messages By Don - KM4UDX ·
Hardware for Nextion 5 messages By Aaron K5ATG ·
Nieuw TFT-bestand voor Nextion Enhanced 3.2 met CEC 1.2 3 messages By Rene ·
New TFT file for Nextion Enhanced 3.2 with CEC 1.2 By Rob French (KC4UPR) ·
Integration of uBitx V6 board with Nextion kit from https://amateurradiokits.in/ By vu3gwn ·
Adding a Nextion Display to the F40 (uBitx adjacent) 14 messages By Dean Souleles ·
Nextion Display on uBITX 23 messages By kj5wi@... ·
Nextion standard vs advanced displays 10 messages By Mike WA0YCN ·
Nextion breakout ribbon cable for v6 11 messages By Evan Hand ·
Nextion and ubitx v3 pin outs 3 messages By Evan Hand ·
v6 with a 7" Nexion nx80 4 messages By rpremooak@... ·
A Full Screen 3.5 19 messages By Rene ·
#nextion #nextion 2 messages By Evan Hand ·
New V5 build results and calibration issues. 15 messages By Evan Hand ·
For Sale: v4 board plus Axicom relays AGC and filter boards etc. 5 messages By derek (G4VWI) ·
Finding information on Ian KD8CEC CEC firmware made easy By Erwin - PE3ES - F4VTQ ·
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