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Bird Hunting 2 messages By HA3HZ ·
Error uploading V5 Firmware to Nano = ubitx_v5.1_code:231:5: error: 'checkCAT' was not declared in this scope. 3 messages By Stephen KO4CVU ·
R1.4.0 Software Release 44 messages By Reed N ·
Sketch µBITX-V6 version 6.3.1 Arduino-IDE error in the complication on the NANO EVERY board. 12 messages By Evan Hand ·
R1.5.1 Manual 5 messages By ... ·
R1.5.1 Handmatige By ... ·
R1.5.1 Minor Update 7 messages By W2CTX ·
Folder Name fFor Re: Reed's sketches 9 messages By Reed N ·
Reed's sketches 6 messages By Reed N ·
How to design crystal filter using NANOVNA 5 messages By iz oos ·
can I bypass the CP2102 chip on the NANO with an FTDI based serial adapter? 8 messages By Andrew, K7UL ·
sketch for Bitx40 with the encoder 5 messages By SaMa photo SaMa photo ·
Auto TX Smart Filter Controller 15 messages By Tom, wb6b ·
nanos on sale at banggood for $2.39 USD 37 messages By Jim Sheldon ·
Smart Analog/Digital I/O Expansion and LCD Display for the uBITX. 9 messages By Dexter N Muir ·
best way to solder ISP header pins to NANO board? 2 messages By John Backo ·
Removing nano from radiuno 11 messages By ... ·
Upgrade the software to Allard's version 12 messages By SaMa photo SaMa photo ·
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