Re: Debug question regarding FT8 and KD8CEC cat control #ubitx

Tom Christian

I don't notice any audio problems at all, Nikos.  I'm using a shielded cable.

Re: Raduino, powered by a Teensy 3.2. #ubitx #bitx40

Nick VK4PP

Ok, well now, I had to put in an order for some more Audio and CW filter boards (30 each) so decided to add 10 of my Teensy RadionI2C boards to the order too. Not sure when Ill get time to actually build and test one, but happy to send them out AS IS to others to test... Expected early May delivery.


Re: Removing nano from radiuno #nano #radiuno #ubitx

Nick VK4PP

Hi Jason.
If the Nano is damaged then I'dd sacrifice it when being removed, ie, cut it up to make removal easier. Socketing will be fine.
Otherwise, you could build a new Raduino with a few extra features:
73, Nick, VK4PLN

CEC firmware, bitx manager problem #ubitx-help


Howdy folks, I have updated my ubitx to CEC firmware 1.06 for WSPR functions, but have
found that the manager application doesn't write the settings correctly, or the firmware doesn't
parse them correctly. I can read the data back just fine, but when trying to use the WSPR function
on the radio, it reports "empty data" and goes back to the menu... 
N5WLF, Greggory (or my nickname, Ghericoan)
General Class, Digital Radio Hobbyist

Re: Unwanted radio, yet SHIPPED!

Jason Schlager

Definitely post them here if you end up getting 4.  I have two friends who like my ubitx but not too happy about the 60+ day waiting period.
Jason Schlager

Removing nano from radiuno #nano #radiuno #ubitx

Jason Schlager

Any tips on how to nondestructively remove the nano from the radiuno board?

Also, is there any detrimental effects to solder female header sockets in place to make swapping a nano easier in the future? 

I have a pencil iron with a variety of sized tips, solderwick, spring loaded solder sucker, and time. 

Jason Schlager

Re: #ubitx Shocks and vibration proofing the uBitx #ubitx

Terry Morris

Thanks for the info guys. Something new to add to my junkbox.

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On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 4:57 PM, John <passionfruit88@...> wrote:
Thanks you all for your ideas. Much appreciated. I'll post a final picture ( until the next mod..hihi).

73, John (VK2ETA)

Re: #ubitx Shocks and vibration proofing the uBitx #ubitx

John <passionfruit88@...>

Thanks you all for your ideas. Much appreciated. I'll post a final picture ( until the next mod..hihi).

73, John (VK2ETA)

Re: #ubitx SSM2167 mic compressor speaker feedback issue - resolved #ubitx

John <passionfruit88@...>

I feed the Vcc of the board from the regulated 5V of the Raduino. I measured its consumption at 2mA which is a very small extra load on the Raduino regulator.

There is a DC blocking cap on the input and output on the board. So no external blocking capacitors needed, and also this is why I had to add the bias resistor.

Correct, the 47KOhms resistor is external, not shown on the picture.

Also not shown on the picture are an axial choke of 100uH between the in pin and the Mic, plus a 1nF capacitor between the in pin and ground to block RF feedback when Txing on the higher frequencies. For me the feedback was noticeable from 15m to 10m. You may not have that issue.

I also have a 10kOhms adjustable potentiometer between the out pin and the original Mic input to the uBitx. Mine is turned to about 80% of its range.

I mounted my board on header pins so I can remove it if I want to, and I extended the header pin on the out side (bottom LHS on picture) past the board to provide and extra connection for the shutdown wire.

I think that the compression and noise gate work quite well on this circuit. When I am silent the background noise does not trigger any movement of the power needle, but it goes up as soon as I speak in the Mic. Also despite showing quite an increase in average power I haven't had any negative comments on my audio. I was told that it was noticeable, but not unpleasant, "good for DX".

And this was with the resistor added for the 4/1 compression.

73, John (VK2ETA)

BITX QSO Afternoon/Evening, Sunday, April 8, 3PM & 7PM Local Time, 7277 kHz in North America, 7177 kHz elsewhere.

John P

BITX QSO Afternoon/Evening, Sunday, April 8, 3PM & 7PM Local Time, 7277 kHz in North America, 7177 kHz elsewhere.

Join us as we make contacts from BITX40 to BITX40 on 7.277 MHz in 40 meters!

This is a worldwide event for BITX40 stations starting at 7pm in each time zone. To participate, call CQ BITX on Sunday, starting at 3PM and/or 7PM your local time. The BITX QSO Night continues through the evening and conditions usually improve after sunset, so it is worthwhile to participate later in the evening.

Suggested Best Operating Practices:

Work at QRP power levels unless conditions require more power.
Call and listen for CQ BITX on the hour and every quarter hour.
It is helpful if you call CQ BITX with your callsign, name and location. 
Repeat your callsign a number of times during your CQ BITX and during QSO's.
Start a QSO by confirming the callsign, location, name and signal report of the other operator.
Say the callsign, name and location of the other operator so others can hear.
If the frequency is busy, avoid long conversations.
After your initial QSO is complete, ask if there are any other stations who would like to contact.

Report your QSO's, discuss propagation, noise, signal reports, audio reports, antenna type, etc. in this thread.

This is an undirected, scheduled event.  The BITX QSO Night relies on you to call CQ BITX to initiate contacts with other stations, so warm up that final and transmit a few calls on Sunday evening.  Talk to you then!
John - WA2FZW

Re: Fw: Re: [BITX20] Digi-Key’s KiCAD library #kicad

ajparent1 <kb1gmx@...>

I'm a linux user and of the many available Kicad and Eagle are the only ones I play with.

The upside is once you learn one the rest are largely similar in use.


Re: Unwanted radio, yet SHIPPED!

K9HZ <bill@...>

I wouldn’t worry y about it.  Just offer them for sale here.  They will get snapped right up. 

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Rent it:

email:  bill@...


On Apr 5, 2018, at 9:25 AM, Mike K0JTA <mike@...> wrote:

I had initially placed an order for a BITX, then canceled this order.
(Or, so I had assumed and hoped...)

Today, I received a notice from PayPal that MY ORDER HAD BEEN SHIPPED (and paid for.)

In looking through my email's trash, I see that I have a total of FOUR order numbers!!!!

When I went to the web site ( ), I was unable to find any way to contact the maker of the unit(s) that I apparently have on order.

On the PayPal order/shipping email, I finally did spot am email address!!  This is the wrong way to "allow" a customer to make contact, I must say.  The email address in my PayPal invoice/shipping statement is:  teamhfsigs@...

-Is this correct?  Are there other means to contact the seller of the radio? 

In my trash, I (finally) noticed that I had FOUR order numbers!!!!!!!  -Does this mean that I will be getting three more PayPal invoices?????

Thank you!  Mike, K0JTA

Re: Unwanted radio, yet SHIPPED!


I know you can get rid of 1 here.

I've been hem-hawing about this for a couple of days since someone pointed me to them, and this would push me right off the fence :)


Re: Unwanted radio, yet SHIPPED!

Jerry Gaffke

Not clear if you bought four uBitx's or Bitx40's.
Regardless, should be able to sell them in this forum or perhaps at a local amateur radio club meeting.
Pushing them back to India after they have been shipped is probably not an option.

On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 08:29 am, PE1GIJ wrote:
If you paied 4 times you are in line for 4 units.

Re: Fw: Re: [BITX20] Digi-Key’s KiCAD library #kicad


I think I've tried everyone out there Craig, and I keep coming back to Kicad ... been using it since 2003. Like any open-source platform it has some teething problems from time to time. I avoid most of these by using a win64 prebuilt install (the latest STABLE one). If you are into unix/linux you have more flexibility, but also more head/heartaches.

Re: Unwanted radio, yet SHIPPED!


If you show only one Paypal payment, you'll only get 1 unit. I would assume 4 payments would shine out like a SORE THUMB (I know they would on my account LOL!
Contact link is hfsignals@... - note that with a backlog of 2000+ units, you are one of the LUCKY ones ... even if it doesn't feel like it !

Re: #ubitx SSM2167 mic compressor speaker feedback issue - resolved #ubitx


Thanks for the great post!  I ordered a couple of these myself and have been trying to figure out how they wire up with an electret mic.  This probably just saved me a ton of headache.  I had a couple questions on your setup.

Do you need a DC blocking cap?

Does the 4.7K resistor provides VCC for the chip from the mic bias, or do I need to provide VCC separately?

The 47K resistor you mentioned is between the D7 Raduino wire and the header pin connected to the purple wire, and is not pictured, correct?

Re: Unwanted radio, yet SHIPPED!

Roy Appleton


Re: #ubitx Shocks and vibration proofing the uBitx #ubitx

Andrew W6AVC

Re: Unwanted radio, yet SHIPPED!


If you paied 4 times you are in line for 4 units.

Took the following txt from the wesite and to me it id clear were to send my email if needed.
If you need information specific to your shipping, billing and other commercial matters, you can drop us a mail to hfsignals’ inbox at gmail. The mailbox is in the name of hfsignals followed by the regular