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Reed N

Looks like the cert is valid for and, but NOT, and thus creates a nice big warning. Pretty sure this is an issue with the cert setup, and not an actual website hack.


Nextion Display on uBITX #ubitx #nextion

Aaron K5ATG

I ordered my uBITX V6 from HFSigs. Just wondering. I have seen some change the display over to a Nextion display. What are the benefits of having a Nextion display over the default TFT display? 

Ubitx V6 CW Read Display

David Barber


I am now at the point to where I can download & install your CW Read display version of V6 on my UBitX V6. What is the ZIP file choice I need to download to make this happen? 

I have a plexiglass templet to place over the V6 screen with 17 openings to match up with each displayed button.  The templet was designed with cad software by my brother. Not sure what kind of  machine he used in connection with the cad program to make the Templet.  With some success, I have used the templet under the default V6 firmware.  

As a a person who is blind, I look forward to hear the V6 display read via CW. I will let you know how it works for me. 

By the way, I do have an extra templet that I can send you. Let me know? 

Many thanks for the wonderful CW read Display effort to benefit persons who are blind. 

73 Dave WD8AJQ


On Feb 6, 2020, at 12:18 PM, Reed N <greenkid336600+groupsio@...> wrote:

Hi Dave,

If you download the software from my repo using the URL you posted, you will have the current master branch, which you will then need to install on the radio. That branch includes Morse code readback feature. It's not 100% polished, but it is working. After starting up the radio, hold the tuner button down and you'll hear it turn on. This is different than Ashhar's code, where holding the button enters the menu, because there's a dedicated menu button on the touch screen UI that most users can use, and for a fully blind person, having to navigate a menu structure they can't see to turn on the option would be nearly impossible.

I haven't changed any of the CAT control to my knowledge, so if your device has a USB port you can connect the radio to, and an app that "speaks" CAT, then it should work. I don't have an iPhone, so I can't say if such cables or apps exist.

As a side note, for future reference, it's generally best to create a new thread for questions like these, since this has nothing to do with Stefan's audio problems.


uBitx V6 GNDREF Connection #v6 #ubitxv6 #ubitx-help


Hi all,
GND and GNDREF connections appear on the V6 schema. How are they different from each other? Should GNDREF be connected to the earth, GND battery minus, or can the two be tied together and connected to both ground and battery minus?
TB3EN. 73's


Mike Short <ai4ns.mike.spam@...>

I have a V5 that I was building for a nearly blind ham. I have had it for months and with work stuff I won’t be able to finish it for a long time. Can someone finish alignment checks, etc for me? I have an old scanner case I was going to put it in as well. 


Re: uBIX V3

Bill <1lasportsman@...>

Thanks for offer I think I have it sold local
But will keep you in mind if it falls thru

On May 19, 2020, at 12:37 PM, johnrof@... wrote:

OM, if your remaining disabilities will allow you to operate the rig, I would be happy to stuff it into a box and wire it up for you.  

Sincerely, John N6II

Re: uBIX V3

John Pearson

OM, if your remaining disabilities will allow you to operate the rig, I would be happy to stuff it into a box and wire it up for you.  

Sincerely, John N6II

Re: uBIX V3


Wish I was in the US, I'd offer to help you build it! I actually have one of these suckers and I've been procrastinating wireup for a few weeks, fearing the disaster that awaits with my non-existent soldering skills...!

Re: Checking SWR with BITx40

Mike Davis <maddmd818@...>

There is a smart phone app called tone generator. Just set it for 1500hz and put it up to the mic.

Re: Value of the 45mhz filter?



Shielding of the band filters seems unimportant,  unless they are placed closer than the board arrangement.

Coupling into the inductors of the 45 MHz xtal filter from several circuits is a well known and discussed problem. Those better relays should help.

Enjoy your build of a nice rig.

Curt wb8yyy

Re: Value of the 45mhz filter?

Gérard <kabupos@...>

Hello Curt
Thank's for your answer.

Here for pb of spurs (You may add second filter, if you want) Nothing shielder.
If you look on original PCB, no shield. See files.

On the M0THY model, for band filters, it looks more like modules that can be soldered.
So i can do this prototype and shield quartz filter (45mhz). And also do you think if it's good idea enclosure band filters in shied?
tinned iron cookie boxes bottom of good shielding

I have also  ordered axicom relays, they are better for spur.
I got the epoxy, I need to burn the PCB.

Re: uBiTX #v6 - First steps after assembly #v6

Urs, dl1kdx

Summary of my testing like described above:

1. I am not able to enter setup menu, neither with the origin master code nor Reed's version of master code nor a replaced Nano.
2. While Nano is under master code: short pressing encoder button, rotating and touch screen are not recognized.
3. Nano with Input-Output-Debug sketch shows that encoder button pushes, rotating and touch screen are recognized.
4. Swapping out the Nano leads to a wider range of x-y-coordinates when I-O-Debug sketch is running.
5. Raduino board being not plugged into the main board behaves like described under points 1.-3.

My conclusion is that the Raduino board malfunctions, probably the Si5351A chip as the heart of the board fails.

Re: Value of the 45mhz filter?

John Kirk

Re: Value of the 45mhz filter?

MVS Sarma

I suppose yout can get here
With all shipping constraints due to pandemic. 
Sarma vu3zmv

On Mon, 18 May 2020, 1:14 pm Gérard, <kabupos@...> wrote:
Request information about filter 45mhz

What is the bandwidth of the (of) 45mhz filters. + /- 7.5 khz or +/- 15khz. thanks
It's for future modification for spurs
It's write: "The filter is a 45MHz 15Khz type filter identical to the existing roofing filter in the µBITx and replacing R27 in the original circuit"
I am making my one:
If some one have 2 to sell (I am in france) or where to find it.

Test equipment recommendations

Mark Muller

One suggestion: perhaps obvious given the others, perhaps not. Maybe you are near some sort of ham club, or at least within driving distance. While there may be a prohibition on swap meets, maybe you can drive to another ham's house? If so, maybe you an join a local club online, and ask the club moderator to send out an email request to the members, to see if anyone has a working analog, or inexpensive digital scope sitting on the shelf that they want to sell; or perhaps someone in the club knows of one that might be for sale from a school or non-member. Let them know approximately what you want in the way of performance, and what you want to spend. Who knows what you might find??? 

Re: Value of the 45mhz filter?



Any decent 45 MHz crystal filter should work, it has 2 sections. Whether it is 15 or 30 kHz should not be a huge factor under most conditions,  of course narrower is better except for possibly higher loss.

Earlier when an extra one was added to address transmit spurious,  close alignment to the original is desired. I myself would be so tempted in a homebrew build to put the entire 45 MHz filter with its matching inductors into a metal box, to minimize leakage. This of course would be impractical for a production build, but one could wonder what Asshar did for his original prototype?


Re: uBiTX #v6 - First steps after assembly #v6

Urs, dl1kdx

Hi Reed,

I tested the encoder with my multi-meter in continuity mode. When I rotated the encoder I could hear short beeps on the different for clockwise and anti-clockwise turn directions, same with button pressing. Below photos of the encoder wiring.

The screen just reacts on long pressing the encoder, screen touches are recognized with your test SW and not in the master code sketch. Only the top left square changes color accompanied with change of low and high audio tone. Long press of encoder enable or disables audio presentation of the displayed frequency, which can't be changed.

So the main issue remains, I can't access the setup menu. This is valid for the original master code as well.

73 de Urs

Re: #ubitxcw #ubitxv6 More signal out on 10 meters than other bands? #ubitxcw #ubitxv6

Evan Hand

I would agree that the most likely candidate is the mic element.  I would look into another source to connect to the mic input.  Remember that the sleeve is connected to the PTT line, so you would need to make a breakout cable with the tip going to an audio source (PC or Phone) and the ring to a switch to ground the PTT line (you can also just short the connector with the lid off of the rig).  You will also need a 1 to 10 micro F cap to isolate the electret bias voltage on the mic input.  The rig side would be the positive lead if using an electrolytic.

For background, there have been a LOT of complaints on this board with supplied mic issues for the v6.  More so than the 2 years prior and all of the version 4 and 5.  The Baofeng mic looks really good but has had quality issues even with the ones supplied with their handhelds.  Honestly, a $20 CB mike with a preamp would be a better choice.  You can then adjust the volume for the best sound with full output.  I bought this one on Amazon:  (looks like the price went up a few dollars).

If you do go that rout you will need to make an adapter to match the 4 pin connector to the 3.5 mm jack, or cut off the end and connect a 3.5 mm jack inplace of the 4 pin connector.  I went the adapter rout, as the cases for v4 and v5 have 4 pin plugs on them.

As is the case in most new uBITX ventures, there is a set process of solving the problems one by one.  There are many others on this board that can help if you run into something that I have not seen.

Good luck on finding your last major issue.

Re: #ubitxcw #ubitxv6 More signal out on 10 meters than other bands? #ubitxcw #ubitxv6

Stephen KO4CVU

Yes, I think the receiver is functioning now. I followed the #1 PA BIAS section of the MBITX Tune-Up procedure on the hfsignals website. I was able to set the two bias adjustments to add 100 ma per each to the total current consumption as the instructions indicated. Unfortunately, there was no significant change in the current when I yelled into the microphone. I tapped on it and even tried putting my cell phone on it while the signal generator app played a 1500 Hz tone. There was no change in the current. As a last resort, I set the mode to CW. The current consumption jumped up to about 2.5 amps when on the 80 meter band and about 1.1 amps on the 10 meter band.
Previously, and after reading other posts, I have drilled 8 more small holes in the front of the mIcrophone housing to allow more sound into the cavity for the small microphone element. (And I did the drilling with the housing disassembled and microphone element removed.)
Do you think I have a bad element in the microphone? Or perhaps there is a wiring issue in the plug?
Thanks for your help,

Re: #ubitxcw #ubitxv6 More signal out on 10 meters than other bands? #ubitxcw #ubitxv6

Evan Hand

So it seems you have the receiver working.  As stated in the other post from me, I would now do the bias adjustments of the PA.  That would also tell you if the finals are working., though not the drivers.