Re: ssm2167 board for compression #ubitx #ssm2167


Hi John, 
I understand completely. 
The value of pot I chose was 50k, and the adjustment point relative to ground is about 10K.. so 1/5 the voltage output of the microphone. Of course this adjustment is after the cap on the board so that I did not adjust the electret bias as well.. but I think you got that.  I found it difficult to solder to the pads without destroying them, but succeeded finally. I started laying out a board with these mods... but who knows if I'll ever get it done. :-) 

I will caution that I discovered that the noise gate and compression.. seem to have an interaction.. but the noise gate certainly works.. and as my good friend says about the compression now.. "Wow Brad that sounds as good if not better than your 100 W rig at 100 Watts"
BTW thanks for your inspiration for using this chip. It really makes the difference for sure. 
I read your notes.. but was frustrated with the compression making little difference between full compression and none.. Now.. there is a huge difference. 
I hope this helps... I have been hoping someone else would give it a try. 

Brad N8YG

Re: i2c encoders in matrix with I/O #ubitx

Tom, wb6b

It looked like they mapped 256 I2C address to the various internal registers and the EEPROM. Then had an additional 7 bits of high order I2C addresses. There is an expanded I2C addressing scheme, greater than 7 bits, but I do not know how many libraries support it.

If what they actually did is create a bunch of pseudo registers, then you will need to deal with creating a protocol on top of the I2C protocol. Hope they provide drivers to layer on the pseudo register addressing and handshake, over the I2C protocol, if that is the case.

Tom, wb6b

Re: high pitched wine on 80 and 40 M


Thanks John,  it is rev 4, 2018 vintage.  It receives on 80 and 40 but the whine in the background is very irritating.  Tried to find any relevant posts by you as noted but without success.  I suspect it is SSB related. 






Re: ssm2167 board for compression #ubitx #ssm2167

John (vk2eta)

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the information. 
I should be able to give It a go in a week or so and I'll report on the results. 

Even at the high rate of compression/limiting where mine is at present I get reports of "audible compression, but not unpleasant".

But I would like to soften it a little and have the noise gate work properly.

Thanks and 73, John

Re: high pitched wine on 80 and 40 M

John (vk2eta)

Hi Jeff,

Here is the link to the thread.

In summary it was the nano's crystal frequency. 

I changed the nano and it solved the issue.

To see if it's related to this issue just touch the nano's crystal or change slightly the BFO's calibration and the tone will change too.

If it doesn't, it's another issue.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, John

Re: CAT control of uBITX

John Seboldt K0JD

OK, looks like I have all the info I need, just set a time and take the courage to do it! Thanks

On 8/27/2019 17:30, Doug W wrote:
On Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 05:13 PM, John Seboldt K0JD wrote:
So I take it that you use his uBITX Manager to actually load the stuff? It seems that we have to deduce the step by step instructions.
On the same site KD8CEC has step by step instructions.  That is written for an older version of his firmware.  Make sure you download the latest.

Re: CAT control of uBITX

Mark Hatch

As far as I can tell, the only neg on the KD8CEC software is that "apparently" it does not read the encoder reliability fast enough to allow you to use a digital cnc 100ppr knob you can get on ebay for $14. There was a thread that "some ubitx firmware" read the encoder fast enough to respond to 100ppr. (check for a discussion on encoder).

however, for the standard encoder that comes with the ubitx kit, KD8CEC reads it fine and you will be happy.

The other thing to do the upgrader sooner than later is that on first install, KD8CEC records the criitical values (OSC, BFO, etc). You then have the ability to do a "factory reset" to these values if in the future you ever mess something up. So do the upgrade before you start "tuning"...


Re: Reduced power on 40 meters. #ubitx #v5


I received my v5 ubitx yesterday and looked closely at the xmtr on the bench tonight. As it arrived, I was getting 7W on 80m, 5W on 40 and 4.5W on 20,15m and 3W on 10. I did the 2N2222/BTR106 transistor mods, as documented in the uBITx website, and now get 18W on 80, 12W on 40, 7W on 30 meters and 15W on 20 meters. 40 meters is still lower than 20 and the unit draws 2.55ADC on both 80 and 40 meters (the finals get hotter on 40) and only 2.1ADC on 20 meters. I'm not complaining since 12W on 40 meters is a great power (I just wanted to get 10W as claimed) but it points towards some issue in the 40 meter filter. Also, I'm only getting 37 dB suppression of the third harmonic of 40 meters vs >48 dB suppression of the third harmonic on both 80 and 20 meters. Before the transistor change I had 40 dB suppression on 40 meters (still 3 dB out of spec). Attempts at improving the 40 meter filter did not help so I'm guessing there is still a little leakage around the 40 meter filter even on v5 boards and that the transistor mod raised the harmonics some. My plan is to add a relay switched outboard 1-2 stage low pass filter just on 40 meters and drive that relay from the current 40 meter relay in the filter switching. All that aside, this is an impressive design for the price!

Re: Reduced power on 40 meters. #ubitx #v5

Murray Wills (ZL2IQ)


Can you give the URL of those transistor mods Vic. Keen to get a little more output myself. 

73 Murray ZL2IQ

Re: Project : Ubitx go box with batteries (topic will be updated upon works done)

Jeffrey Benedict

Nice use of the design tools!  Keep the group apprised of your progress.

I'm looking to put together something that looks kind of like one of those WWII spy radios.  The Ubitx is about the right size to fit in the size of one of those radios but will be so much more capable!  Definitely planning on having a battery on board and room for microphone, earphones and key. Not sure if I will have a speaker.  An HT speaker mic would do the job of both and, maybe, work as a key, too, like is possible with an 817. I'm not much of a CW guy so that might be fine. So many possibilities!


Jeff, K7AIL  CN87


Re: Reduced power on 40 meters. #ubitx #v5

Viktors Miske

Re: Project : Ubitx go box with batteries (topic will be updated upon works done)

Adrien F4IJA <adrien.grelet@...>

Yes, keep tuned Jeff ! I'll receive all the parts in a month or so, but I've the time to design well everything to avoid losing time on the build.

Also, all the designs are made with SpaceClaim, that I use everyday in my company.

At the end of the project, I'll be able to put in the folder the STEP file of the design so that everyone should be able to process it.

Re: Project : Ubitx go box with batteries (topic will be updated upon works done)

Olivier Grand

Bonjour Adrien.
The 3 X 18650 Battery pack I've installed in my V5 give me height hours running time at 10% transmitting time (on dummy load), I installed the same battery protection board as yours and I plan to modify the charging circuit. the mods are :
2 separates 12V rails, 2 X 5V rail (one for TX, one for RX)
Nextion 2.8" touch screen feeded by the Raduino
VK3YE's AGC (12V RX)
XPT8871 AF amp with tone control (5V RX rail)
SSM2167 mike compressor (5V TX rail)
with these adds the power consumption is not very different (not verified).
I plan to re-install a second arduino (standalone analyser) with it's own 5V rail.
I will check the real consumption datas and write a complete report.
Bonne journée !

Le mar. 27 août 2019 à 10:18, <adrien.grelet@...> a écrit :
I've made some spreadsheet work upon the battery size.

It appears, with 15W global power drained from the setup when transmitting, that a 3S2P should be enough and smaller to fit in the box (and also lighter).

Here is the screenshot :

So, more than 4 hours just on transmit is not bad at all !
If anybody have already measured the real power drain if the ubitx when transmitting (not the output power, the power used on the power supply).

Re: Project : Ubitx go box with batteries (topic will be updated upon works done)

Adrien F4IJA <adrien.grelet@...>

Salut Olivier,

Thank you for those informations (frenchies talking to each other in english, is kinda fun !)

So, that's quite interesting the running time you have. With that information, I think I should go for example with 3S2P to have extended autonomy, but 3S4P seems to be really overkill, even if you plan to go for 1 week SOTA without recharging, which will ne be my case (just one day session most, maximum a WE with other activities than radio too).

Another question : what do you think about the Nextion LCD ? In fact I'm thinking beetween two things :

My point is what are the benefits of the Nextion LCD, beside the comfort of use and ergonomy of menus. Also it's fancy and cool with that display ! Does it have other things you can't do with the basic LCD ?

Re: i2c encoders in matrix with I/O #ubitx

John (vk2eta)

Interesting devices. The boards also have 2 or 3 general I/O pins (depending on the usage of the LED), and 128 (256?) Bytes of EEPROM.

From a quick read of the Arduino library ( they have mapped registers at the selected I2C bus address (one for each encoder module). The registers perform configuration and access to encoder, push-button and GPIO pins and EEPROM data.

The library supports interrupts and callbacks which is handy but requires one interrupt enabled digital input pin (but I am not sure if it's one per module or if the modules can be daisy-chained to the one input).

73, John (VK2ETA)

ND6T sort of mini AGC ?

Adrien F4IJA <adrien.grelet@...>

I've found this from ND6T :

On his website, we can find lot of ther AGC schems for ubitx but I wonder what is the usage for this very simple circuit ?
By reading the article, it seems that it cuts off too strong signals, so the annoying "clacks" should be canceled.

Do you think, if you don't plan to add a real AGC that this mod is a good idea for securing ears ?

As I'm a newbie with AGC : what are the benefits of having an AGC in ubitx ? I've well understood than the too heavy sounds will be reduced, but what else ?

Thank you,

Re: power supply for ubitx5

MVS Sarma

Using 78s12 i gave scope for higher load for tft disply too Today i am substtuting 7805 on raduino with 78T05 that bought from aliex.....

On Tue, 27 Aug 2019, 3:17 am Woody, <woody@...> wrote:
On 8/26/2019 15:17, MVS Sarma wrote:
hi woody,
 I use 19V laptop adopter . I give the final FETs from 19 direct.
Sounds good!   I have read a lot about running higher Vds for more output, but mine is on 13.6, along with the rest of the circuitry.  If I decide to run higher voltage on the PA in the future will probably go with a switching boost convertor so primary feed will still be 13.6+-
If your method (direct feed to the PA) is used, a plain 7812 should handle the rest. 
Woody - KZ4AK


Re: Reduced power on 40 meters. #ubitx #v5

Murray Wills (ZL2IQ)

Thank you that is most helpful – there are little tid bits all over the place 😊

73 Murray ZL2IQ


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Subject: Re: [BITX20] Reduced power on 40 meters. #ubitx #v5


Here ya go Murray...

Re: CAT control of uBITX

Sascha Bohnet | DL5SMB

A minor change in the KD8CECs' source code helps a lot if you want to use the cheap 100ppr encoder.
I documented what I did here

Maybe I can make a video after work, then you can see the difference between before and after the mod.

Re: ND6T sort of mini AGC ?

Don, ND6T

Hello Adrien,
That is not an AGC circuit, but is just a limiter circuit. No "clack" elimination but it does limit how strong it appears in your ears. It is hearing protection. I have installed that in several of my shack speakers. Since I do not like the sound of the small speakers in any of my rigs then I always use a larger, more efficient speaker whenever I can. To keep things simple then I install headphone jacks within those speaker enclosures (just one wire from the receiver). It makes sense to put a headphone jack on that speaker cabinet and a switch. The added limiter is a welcome feature to my ears.
The AGC circuits that are found in the uBITX and BITX pages are to confine the SSB signals to conversation levels. Without it, the weak signals are very quiet and the strong signals can be too loud. The AGC circuit helps keep them within a comfortable range without distortion and without constant adjustment.
The "clacks" when changing from receive to transmit (and back) in BITX40 and earlier versions of the uBITX can be nearly eliminated by installing the circuit described in the "ClickFix" pages in both the BITX and uBITX pages.
Does this answer your questions? I can be best reached directly by email, either from my web site or from the address on
73, Don