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I'm putting an uBitx together with a 5" Nextion. I looked in the files section and did not find any files for the 5".
Am I missing them?
John Walpole

Re: How to stop worrying and love the uBitx #ft8 #cat #antennas #ubitx


Glad you are propagating and having fun. No I won't discourage you from improving your antenna, the spurs, and anything else. Nice parody!

Possibly your gutter system is the radiator and the wire is the counterpoise, it matters little.

My v4 similarly did nothing with that agc, but works fine with no agc or the vk3ye agc circuit. Many mod ideas at our club k3pzn ubitx page, your search engine likely knows the way there.


Re: How to stop worrying and love the uBitx #ft8 #cat #antennas #ubitx


Thank you for the kind words :) !  Also actually having the AGC on is usually detrimental to to Digital mode operations. Specially where they operate well below the noise floor! it can cause some weird readings some times.

On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 9:15 PM masch57 <masch57@...> wrote:
Thanks Tim, it is one of yours and I do have faith that you guys will get it figured out for the v4.  In the meantime, it's just "functionality waiting to be unlocked", and WSJT-X is quite forgiving in these matters.

Tim Keller - KE2GKB

Re: How to stop worrying and love the uBitx #ft8 #cat #antennas #ubitx


Thanks Tim, it is one of yours and I do have faith that you guys will get it figured out for the v4.  In the meantime, it's just "functionality waiting to be unlocked", and WSJT-X is quite forgiving in these matters.

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masch57, If you happen to be using a Kit-Projects AGC we are working on a fix for it. Yes it has to do with the low audio but not in the fashion you would think. We are awaiting some extra tests to figure out the best fix possible for it.

To add to this, I do the same thing with my bitx, I plugged it into a switching 12vdc supply, Wired the headphone and mic into my PC no isolation, KD8CEC firmware for cat control. And a simple inverted V in a tree and ft8 has been an absolute blast! This rig has proven to be a champ even in bad swr just chugging along like it doesn't care. But that's part of the fun of QRP isn't it? Who needs Ideal conditions ;)

-- Tim Keller - KE2GKB

Re: Need uBitX documentation


Rick, When you are ready to get around to installing the AGC shoot us an email at info@... and we will get you the documentation ASAP. I can personally promise the installation is much easier then the pictures may have you believe! I will make a note if you have a v4 it may not work correctly off the bat. There is a fix in the works and it will be added to the documentation after some verification.

-- Tim Keller - KE2GKB

How to stop worrying and love the uBitx #ft8 #cat #antennas #ubitx


I started putting together my uBitx (v4) months ago.  I added a better volume pot, CEC firmware, a Nextion display, and an AGC board.  I put it in one those blue metal cases from Amazon stole some knobs of an old stereo, and pretty much let it sit while I wasted too much time reading about mods, and worrying about feedlines and antennas.  But within the past week I realized that this is not my burly TS-430S, and it probably won't start an RF fire on my wall behind the tuner, so I decided to say "to heck with it" and just start flogging the uBitx.
With the exception of using an MFJ-971 antenna tuner, I went full "bull in a china shop" and did all of the following things "wrong":
1. Antenna is an unknown length (maybe 100ft) of 28awg enameled wire going East - West at about 7-8 feet above ground, surrounded by houses and trees. It is "counterpoised" by a 50ft (who knows how much is connected) rain gutter going North - South.  The ends of these are fed entirely without care through a wood block in the window frame into the back of the tuner.
2. Hooked up audio cables direct to the ins and outs on my computer with zero isolation.  Had to adapt the mic end to avoid setting off the PTT, so I stripped off an old plug, soldered a couple wires to it and hooked those with clip leads to the plug on my 1/8 patch cord.  I did have to ditch that USB extension cord I was using for CAT though, because it was noisy. Just went to the cord box and dug up a longer single cable to go from Raduino to Computer.
3. No ferrite beads, strapping, bonding, or other fiddly stuff was used in or out.
4. The Nextion is only using 2.8 of the 3.2 inches and I don't notice it.
5. The AGC board doesn't seem to do much and is probably wired wrong.  Don't care enough to go look for updated docs yet.  Low audio?  See #2 above -- I hooked it to the computer and listen through my headphones or speakers from there.
6. On some bands I can't tune much less than 3:1 and on most the tuner only says I'm putting 1/2 a watt forward.  Could be misreading (me or it), but I'm too lazy to rig up a dummy load and put the oscilloscope on it.  I leave it on "TUNE" (from WSJT-X) way too long trying to figure it out, and sometimes the back of the case gets warm.  Sometimes I've run it with the SWR meter almost pegged with the fanciful thought that it might be lying.
And so how did all my carelessness punish me?  With a ton of fun and true amazement at what such a shoddy, minimal setup can do, using our favorite modern mode, FT8 of course. With WSJT-X (ok, properly configured) and, I have spent hours that I can't afford to waste (could be playing Fortnite!) making contacts from U.S coast to coast, and from Alaska to Mexico, and being heard from New Zealand, Japan, Europe and South America. I'm in Washington State, by the way.  And I'm operating with this fabulous antenna on 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 60 (yes 60), and 80 meters.  Hard to tell if anything works on 10 meters these days.  But those times I mentioned when I run at an impossible SWR level, I can still get signal out (ok not always).
So the message is that it is quite possible, with a just stock uBitx (I didn't really need more than CEC firmware), to enjoy the absolute wonder of wafting intelligible messages across the globe on the tiniest amounts of RF.  And as for the spurs / etc., I'm sure the FCC will come for me, right after they get Billy Crowell and my neighbor's grow lights.

Re: Bitx 40v3 Diagram

Jerry Gaffke

If you suspect D7 is shorting the supply, ok to just remove D7.
It never was doing any good, there is an error in the board layout.
It should be across the coil of relay K1, exactly like that other diode at K2,
this removes any reverse voltage spike from back EMF when the coil is de-energized.

I hope a reversed supply is not your problem.
If that was the case, much more than D7 would blow, in particular
pretty much everything on the Raduino.
Does the Raduino come alive when you remove it from the radio and
plug the Raduino USB port into a host computer?
If so, then it never saw a reverse power supply.


On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 12:44 PM, Paul Bigwood wrote:
I can work SMD OK, but am wondering if there is a PCB layout  track diagram anywhere, to help decide where to try and isolate the fault. I am thinking that D7 has blown from connecting +12V the wrong way round, but don't remember doing that ! 

Re: Strange BFO frequency #ubitx-help

Ion Petroianu, VA3NOI

Your uBitx V5 uses a different IF frequency (11.059MHz), so your BFO frequency should be lower than that. 11,996MHz BFO frequency was used in V3 and V4. Those two previous versions used a 12MHz IF.
The fact that you receive a horrible signal in a nearby receiver can be related to overloading the receiver. I hope you are using a dummy load on uBitx and the receiver, if located in the same room, should not have any antenna attached to the input.
I would concentrate on the receive function first. Once you are happy with the result try transmitting and monitor your signal using a web SDR.


Addition of a 5v rail...

Mark Hatch


Planning on moving from my 3.2 Nextion to a 5 incher. Also want power for a second nano, microphone amp, AGC, and perhaps an audio amp (this is a v4 btw...)

It would seem to me that the 7805 on the Radino is going to be overloaded pretty quickly. Think its capacity is only 1A (???) but without a heat sink....

My plan would be to add an 7805 (L7805CV - 2A), attach it to the case for a heat sink and use that as feed for the auxilary hacks.  Three questions:

1. Obviously a downconverter buck is going to be more efficient, run cooler, etc. However, everything I have heard is that they can be very RF noisy. Anybody had any luck with a particular buck that can provide 1a or so?

2. As long as I am careful about grounding the extra 7805 or buck (and of course the ubitx motherboard itself) to avoid any ground loops, is there going to be any issue with the two 5v sources (Radinio + new rail?)

3. Would it be possible (or advisable), to remove the existing 7805 on the Radino and feed the output of the new 7805/2A directly into the +5 pad where I removed the onboard 7805?

Thanks for the advice!


Re: Dan’s ubitx

Roy Appleton

Beautiful work!


On Fri, May 10, 2019, 1:09 PM <mw0uzo@...> wrote:
Made a matching speaker for it too.

Re: VK4PP Ultimate uBitx Daughter Board. #ubitx #filters #parts

Balasubramanyan Cp

Dear OM Nick,
Hope balance 5% work might  have completed.
Balsun, VU2UYC
Email  bsnvu2yc73s@... 

On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 12:13 AM Balasubramanyan Cp via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Good.  I need one provided it can use with uBITX MULTIBAND Version 5, 2018 KIT .
De VU2UYC Balsun. Email me  bsnvu2yc73s@...

On Mon, May 6, 2019 at 4:58 AM STEVE via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I would like one please. 

Steve Behlmer. KE7GO 

On May 5, 2019, at 4:18 PM, vk6qa <vk6qa@...> wrote:

Hi Nick


Did you consider placing a RX pre amp on your new board?


Keith Perry


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HI All.
Thanks for the interest,
Its been slow going, I'm about 95% complete, just need to confirm spacing/sizing and go over it all again...

Ill get there, eventually.

73 Nick VK4PP

Re: Collins Amateur Radio Club - excellent BITX article

Balasubramanyan Cp

Can you suggest a good QRP ATU CIRCUIT for homebrewing?
Balsun, VU2UYC.

On Thu, May 9, 2019 at 7:36 PM Balasubramanyan Cp via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Thank you.

On Wed, May 8, 2019 at 3:06 AM Balasubramanyan Cp via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Dear Robert,
Thank you.
By the way please give your opinion about V5, 2018 MULTI BAND 10W QRP KIT.
Please reply to my email  bsnvu2yc73s@...
De  VU2UYC, Handle Balsun, from Kerala, INDIA.

On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 11:48 AM Robert McClements <gm4cid@...> wrote:
The attached April Collins Amateur Radio Club Newsletter has a very comprehensive BITX article by Vince Loschiavo N2AIE which he has posted to the FB group.

Though it worthwhile to post here, hope Vince doesn't mind.

73, Bob GM4CID

Re: filling the nextion 5 inch screen

Joe Puma

Whatever the default is. I haven’t been able to figure that out yet.  Just been able to find its X, Y cords to move it around. and how to stretch the width of the signal and the hight. It’s not obvious as it uses some math with the sys*x

On May 10, 2019, at 3:52 PM, Jack Purdum via Groups.Io <jjpurdum@...> wrote:

Just curious: What's the frequency spread on the "panadapter" graphic?

Jack, W8TEE

On Friday, May 10, 2019, 12:49:42 PM PDT, Joe Puma <kd2nfc@...> wrote:

I am working on a 5” layout. I can’t send it later 


On May 10, 2019, at 3:42 PM, rickaputi via Groups.Io <rickaputi@...> wrote:

greetings to ubitx fans and radio friends.   as a ham who has no programming skills, who cannot compile or make a GUI, how do i get the ubitx_50.tft file to fill the screen when loaded onto the device?  i get a tiny graphic that is the same size as i get on my 2.4 inch nextion display.  it is fully functional but small !  would appreciate some feedback even if only to say that i cant fix it.  many thanks to a great group. Rick WA2TDL

Re: 2.8" and 3.2" Nextion Enhanced Displays for sale #nextion #ubitx

Jim Sheldon

Still have these -- prices are not etched in stone (only postage is).  Make me a legitimate offer for either one or both together as I'm pretty easy to get along with.  They are both the enhanced versions and both have older versions of the CEC Nextion display software in them.

Jim, W0EB

Again, email address is w0eb (at) cox dot net

Re: 5” Nextion LCD files

Joe Puma

Yes I painstakingly re-sized everything including the graphics to 800x480 for the main screen and config page. And I reformatted all the other pages and going to refresh the graphics on those pages too ie pdsp.  I wanted to keep the original style but I made a few minor graphic tweaks. 

As of late I have tackled moving and resizing the spectrum screen on main page as well as other pages.  I’m not a programmer either, it was just a fun challenge to take on but quite a few long nights. 


On May 10, 2019, at 3:55 PM, rickaputi via Groups.Io <rickaputi@...> wrote:

hi joe !   did you actually do all the resizing so that the uninformed and inept like me can just load the file onto the nextion five inch display and it would magically work? that would be super!!   Rick WA2TDL

Re: Bitx 40v3 Diagram

Dexter N Muir

Hi Paul.

Given that you have the physical item, and now the circuit diagram, a track layout diagram should be superfluous. Aside from Gnd/0V and +12's, most other tracks (traces) connect only 2 or 3 components - and only one point of each. Inspection and cross-referencing should tell you not only which component does what, but also each track, and practice should drive that into intuition. Just be aware of 'vias' connecting top and bottom layers - they look like small, filled through-holes.
In time you should be able to call yourself a real Tech! Good luck and 73!


Strange BFO frequency #ubitx-help


Hi all, Newbie here so apologies if this topic was already covered in earlier posts. I promise I have had a good rummage round to check similar topics before posting.

My v5 radio out of the box does not receive well at all. I’m sure I’ve messed something up, but not quite sure how. SSB stations are very distorted and unreadable on RX. When I transmit CW and listen through a separate receiver it is horrific (loud transformer buzz, continuous tone until relay kicks out regardless of what is sent, ie no dit’s and dahs distinguishable, straight key being used) - side tone feedback through speaker is perfect though.....

I have checked my build, loaded v1.20 CEC firmware and read from the device via the memory manager and attempted tune up both through memory manager and directly on the display per various instructions and videos.

So Finally to the actual question! - I’ve noticed most articles refer to a good BFO setting around 11995/6 or thereabouts. My factory setting was at 11054.160. I am assuming this is very far from where it should be based on all the previous info I’ve read, but before spending a LONG time spinning the encoder to get to 11995 all the way from 11054 in tiny increments, has anyone else noticed such a low starting value from factory? (PS I know this is probably easier to reset via memory manager, but i was trying to tune using original instructions having had little success so far entering a good BFO setting via memory manager)

Thanks for reading, and sorry again if this question is naive or repetitive.


Re: filling the nextion 5 inch screen

Sam Tedesco

I think Ian listed it ~3khz

Re: 5” Nextion LCD files


hi joe !   did you actually do all the resizing so that the uninformed and inept like me can just load the file onto the nextion five inch display and it would magically work? that would be super!!   Rick WA2TDL