Re: Windows Serial Port Problem

Bill Cromwell


I almost completely abandoned MS and Windows long ago. I have one legal copy of XP that I run in a virtual machine in Lunux if I run it at all. It does not get exposed to the internet. Reading this thread I have dug my trench even deeper and fortified the walls :)

Yes..there are a few things that I can't run without MS Windows. Life without those few things is not really so bad :) You put your money down and you take your choice.


Bill KU8H

On 07/21/2018 08:21 AM, Jim Lommel wrote:
I was completely wrong about there being a download manager for Win 10.
Microsoft has changed to a service model from a subscription model and
now you have no control over what updates get installed and what don't
get installed other than not be connected to the internet. My
understanding it that this was done so all extant Win 10 installations
are the same instead of there being millions of different installations.

Does anyone else have information about how MS is
bark less - wag more

Re: S meter wiring

hirosmb <hirosmb@...>

Many thanks, Colin.

I’ll be looking forward to it.

// hiro, JJ1FXF

2018/07/21 19:25、m5fra2 via Groups.Io <m5fra2@...>のメール:

I will but it might be a few days before the BITX is wired and tested.


Colin – M5FRA


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I am interested in the HI-PER-MITE audio CW filter.

Please post your reputation later.


// hiro, JJ1FXF



2018/07/21 17:12m5fra2 via Groups.Io <m5fra2@...>のメール:

Are you using an additional audio filter for CW? I have a Hypermite I plan to wire in.


Colin – M5FRA


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No thanks, I like that my uBITX is small and don't have any need for a lager screen nor do I want to change enclosures.  Right now I'm having a blst with it on CW.  SSB on the uBITX is not important to me - that's what my K3, KPA500 and 2 element Quad are for lol.



Re: Source for female connectors/pins/manual crimp tool?

Robert Ogburn

shells & pins

Re: Windows Serial Port Problem

hirosmb <hirosmb@...>

Check this site. It worked well for me.

Now my Nextion LCD runs uBITX UI. :)

// hiro, JJ1FXF

2018/07/15 6:57、Ralph Mowery <rmowery42@...>のメール:

Sometimes if you are not using a Profilic (probably spelled way wrong) original driver but a 3 rd party driver, you have to delete the driver and install the 3rd party driver.  This seems to happen to many almost  every time win 10 updates.

This may explain it.

On Sat, Jul 14, 2018 at 5:09 PM, Albert Woodhull <n1aw@...> wrote:
A few days ago my Windows 10 installation got updated, without asking me, of course.  I stepped away from the computer for a while and when
I came back updates were being installed.

I think my USB port drivers were changed.  When I try to run the KD8CEC Memory Manager or to upload a newly compiled  ubitx_20 version
I do not see the COM4 port any more. The Windows Device Manger shows an "Unusable Parallel Port (LPT3) where I previously saw a COM4
Serial Port.

Does anyone know what happened or how to undo it?

- Al N1AW

Re: Bitx40 circuit diagrams? #bitx40

Allen Woolfrey

Thank you.  That's where I tried to find it.  Under the "Circuit Description" tab under bitx40, there is a link part way down the page for downloading the schematics.  The link takes you to
which is not found.

If anyone has the correct liml, please let me know.

Re: Bitx40 circuit diagrams? #bitx40

Allen Woolfrey

If anyone has the correct LINK, please let me know.

Re: uBITX No Power Output all of a sudden #ubitx

Jim Sheldon

As promised, pictures of the offending VIA.


Re: surprising CW sidetone value in uBITX Manager 0.11 #ubitx


Well if one goes out of his way to check an error condition and finds it you should

at least let the user know!  Probably should write the substituted value into the EEPROM.


On July 21, 2018 at 4:08 AM Raj vu2zap <rajendrakumargg@...> wrote:


This is to error correct extreme values that may be set by the user.
If the value is between 100 and 2000 it does nothing!


At 21/07/2018, you wrote:
I think I see what is going on.  For example, in initSettings(), the sidetone value is getting read from the EEPROM:

EEPROM.get(CW_SIDETONE, sideTone);
But later on, it is getting overwritten if the value is not "sane":

if (sideTone < 100 || 2000 < sideTone)
  sideTone = 800;
So that explains why uBITX Manager is showing bogus values and yet normal values show up on the LCD.

73 Mike KK7ER



Nextion and the Icom7300 #ubitx

Bo Barry <bobarr@...>

Completely off topic, almost. But this is where our genius Dr Ian hangs out.
As we are learning, the Nextion is a computer all by itself!
I saw a YouTube by YO2? where he had his helping the awesome Icom7300 along!
I'm slowly learning from Ian's work and will put that project on my list.
Gotta do the RTTY contest at 2pm Eastern today first!
73, Bo W4GHV since '54

Re: Source for female connectors/pins/manual crimp tool?

Jon Titus, KZ1G <tituskz1g@...>

Radio-control aircraft enthusiasts use the same types of crimp connectors, so a local hobby store probably has male and female pins and a crimper.  The crimp tool linked to below should do the job and it won't kill your ham-project budget.

I used a similar tool for my uBITX project.  For female crimp connectors that attach to 0.025" square posts on 0.10" centers, use the Jameco Electronics part #100766.  The small tabs crimp the metal wire, while the larger tabs crimp the outer insulation and provide a strong physical hold in case you pull too hard on a wire.  Jameco also sells the connector housings for from 2 to 36 contacts.
Jon Titus, KZ1G
Herriman, UT USA

Re: Source for female connectors/pins/manual crimp tool?


Here's a set of instructions for crimping the molex equivalent pins.


AGC manual rf gain versus KD8CEC ATT rf gain software

Gary Hanson

While waiting for my Nextion display to arrive, I completed the AGC kit and was considering whether to add the manual RF gain as suggested by Don, ND6T. I also plan to upload the KD8CEC firmware and noted it has the ATT software RF gain control. Am I right to assume that I do not need to do both?

The manual Rf gain limits the signal at the front end and the ATT software shifts the signal in the filter. Any advantage of one over the other? If they both accomplish the same goal, then it comes down to twisting a variable pot knob versus using a touch screen slider.

Gary Hanson, KJ5VW

Re: Parts source

Russ KG0BK

On Fri, Jul 20, 2018 at 10:37 PM, Mike Short wrote:
TNX, Mike.
Amazing source for "toys".
There goes my savings  hihi

Re: AGC manual rf gain versus KD8CEC ATT rf gain software


Gary, after listening with AGC does it seem you still need manual RF gain control? I'm happy with AGC only. I would recommend the S meter connection off the AGC board and KD8CEC software though.


Re: Parts source

ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...>

They are a big favorite of mine...

They are really good for gadgets, power supplies, parts, LEDs, LCDs the Pro-minis I use come from there.


Re: Screen showing only blocks ?

Dexter N Muir

Thanks Mike. Hope my grammar's good :)

Re: K5BCQ click fix 2nd generation installed #ubitx

Don, ND6T

Lacking a leaded capacitor in that general range, carefully touch a wire from the top of your new C50 to the I/O trace while in receive mode. This bypasses the new board. If it restores audio then you know if the rest of the receiver is still functioning. In that case, check the gate of Q3 to ensure that it is getting the RX voltage. If it is, then either Q3 is bad, R2 or R4 is shorted, Q2 is shorted, or some unimaginable other combination of bad things.
Looking at the top of a 2N7002, with the single pin (that's the drain) away from you, the left pin is the gate, the right pin is the source.

If there is no audio  when you couple the audio past that gate then we can assume that your replacement capacitor is bad or that the receiver chose that moment to quit.

Having a little outboard audio amplifier would provide you with an excellent tool. Just a good blocking capacitor on the input will allow you to probe from product detector to speaker.

Re: Source for female connectors/pins/manual crimp tool?


Re: surprising CW sidetone value in uBITX Manager 0.11 #ubitx

Mike KK7ER

I think this design choice is reasonable given the constraints.  The design principles involved seem to be:  1) don't overwrite the user's data in EEPROM unless the user tells you to, 2) don't accept user-defined values that would lead to obviously bad behavior, 3) make the transition from original/other firmware to CEC firmware painless and easily reversible.

Another design principle that you and I seem to value is that of informative and actionable error messages.  But that has to be weighed against the others.  Some of us want to know all the details (thankfully, we have access to source to figure them out!).  I suspect that the vast majority of folks just want it to work without thinking about firmware details.

73 Mike KK7ER

Re: uBITX No Power Output all of a sudden #ubitx

David Wilcox

So you had to figure out that it was a VIA and not an unused plated through hole solder point?  I have never thought about that. It seems that many boards have unused holes for parts that later were not needed.  Are there any tip offs that a point on the board is a VIA?

Dave K8WPE

On Jul 21, 2018, at 10:26 AM, Jim Sheldon <w0eb@...> wrote:

As promised, pictures of the offending VIA.