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ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...>

I'm using V4.3  and when I enabled VFO B it started to remember were I was on both.
Made it easier to put 3.8 in a and 28.4 in B and bounce back and forth.


Re: I would like to chat with someone that has set there ubtx up with a raspberry pi and is using fl digi,

ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...>

I have tried a 5, 7 and 10.1 inch display and the 7" was better and largest is way better for reading
and touch.  The 5" however if I scaled the screen such that few objects were there or allowed for
two finger gestures was workable but not as convenient.  The 10.1 ended up in a wood box with
batteries and RPi as a sorta steampunk laptop.  It was supposed to be a conversation piece
but it has turned out to be a very useful portable.  

When I've had RPi questions or troubles the general internet public had usually solved it or could help.
For example volume and gain issues the people playing with sound and video are goto even though
your doing FLdigi.  Do take advantage of the greater RPi public.


Re: I would like to chat with someone that has set there ubtx up with a raspberry pi and is using fl digi,

Bo Barry <bobarr@...>

I'll stick one in the mail. Definitely no $$.

Wow, I'm embarrassed. I've been struggling getting my pi/ubitx going and Vince mentioned YouTube. I didn't even think of that!  Lots of help there.

Most of my problems were struggles with the 5" display. The elecrow 7" with a stand are looking attractive.

I did have trouble with the pi audio levels and made some tweaks to make the USB audio the default and one program to get the audio to max and then used the output volume control as needed.   I need some more time to get notes taken.

The ubitx power out varies a lot. I get 7 on 40 and only 3 on 20.  However I've done FT8 & CW successfully with both.

I bought some cheap pins to stick in as sockets for. the driver stage to experiment just a little to get a little more power. Not going big guns, I have an Icom7300 and 40 year old Heath HA14 linear  for that.
73. Bo W4GHV 

Re: UBitx

Gary Anderson

Maybe I over simplified the question of what Al is wanting to do.
You can store frequencies for VFO_A and VFO_B by toggling between the VFOs
... this won't be the "last" frequency, but the last that was in a VFO, before switching to the other VFO.

In the original code:

in the ubitx_menu file in function void menuVfoToggle(int btn)

      if (vfoActive == VFO_B){
        vfoB = frequency;
        EEPROM.put(VFO_B, frequency);
        vfoActive = VFO_A;
        printLine2("Selected VFO A  ");
        frequency = vfoA;
      else {
        vfoA = frequency;
        EEPROM.put(VFO_A, frequency);
        vfoActive = VFO_B;
        printLine2("Selected VFO B  ");      
        frequency = vfoB;

Just to raise awareness of non volatile lifetime write cycles, and potential longer term issue.
Generic EEPROM is around 100K life cycles.
You would need to toggle the VFO  ~27 times a day for 10 years before hitting 100,000 write cycles.

Now since Jack is using Teensy, which uses NVM 'flash' and not EEPROM, the write cycles could be lower.

For general Data Flash in the Kinetis / Teensy  NVM,  the 5 year min data retention is 10K write cycles, and 20 year min data retention is only 1K write cycles.
There is a more reliability gained in the "FlexRam as EEPROM" and is dependent on the EEPROM to FlexRam ratio.
The use of this will actually improve reliability over EEPROM, it just has to be implemented as such.


Re: Ideas for AM, NB FM Demod and CW filter board

Lawrence Macionski <am_fm_radio@...>

Exotic demodulation schemes, variable bandwidth and so on...
the RTL-SDR dongles out there can be had for under $20USD and sorry, I do not know the non-USA market; but here laptops can be had for $75USD with reasonable speed and condition. Granted a fancy laptop can cost $500USD plus, likewise HF rigs.. You want a Ferrari or a bicycle? What you get is what you can afford..

As I see- dreamers looking at General Coverage receivers, AM Broadcast band DXing, Aircraft- 2 meters, 6 meters.. I am astounded, no one is looking at the low cost and popular RTL-SDR dongles...or incorporating them into the uBITX.

The uBITX delivered to your door step I agree can use some tweeks, However it will perform with honors (cost VS specs/features) as is out of the box.

I was involved in a project a number of years ago. International team.. The Brit started designing a 5Vdc power supply. Parts alone were over $25. and delivery time weeks away. I simply put it to the group, a 5Vdc power supply could be bought for $10 in the open market, Why design, build one and wait till we have a working supply to test -debug the rest of the project..  Brits don't like me... 

Gentlemen- (are there any ladies out there?) time to realize it's 2018, as soon as you can digitize it, then manipulate it with software.

Can't wait for the - "I want to use a uBITX to drive a pair of 6146's" post...(because I got 4 at a garage sale for 25 cents each)

I'd like to think "Good Engineering Practice" is the standard, and a bit of humor too..

Larry W8LM

ubitx assembly confusion, help needed


I bought one of the first run boards and waited for a case to be available from inkits. This last weekend I began assembly. I only have two questions I need help on. First, the correct pin out for the 3.5mm jacks. I searched the posts and found a potential diagram but it doesn’t match the image of the wire attachments on the hfsignals site. Anyone have a pin out to verify as a third source as what I have is in conflict?

the inkits comes with three bare small PCs. One for a rs232 and usb connector. However, it seems to me there is no way to mount this with connectors that makes it usable. Anyone have a picture of how they did they can post as well as informing me that the other pubs are for? 


Re: I would like to chat with someone that has set there ubtx up with a raspberry pi and is using fl digi,

Vince Loschiavo

Forgot to mention that it is also doing cat co trim of either the FLDIGi or WSJTx 


Re: I would like to chat with someone that has set there ubtx up with a raspberry pi and is using fl digi,

Vince Loschiavo


ive been running FLDIGi, the ‘ stock’ WSJTx linux off the joe Taylor site, and now the WSJTx version of Dr. Lee. See KD8CEC website. As well as the ‘Pocket WSJTx version of Dr.Lee. All good with the Pi3B and uBitx for at least a month with no problems. Using audio dongle for in/out of the audio. 

There are youtube videos of how to

Re: boosting the power on 28 MHz #ubitx

Sajid Rahum

Salam Ashar
I was ready to make Howard's changes but will hold until i get back team's feedback on Alison's route.  Any suggestions which would you suggest to go for with the consideration if one may want to switch irfs with RDs later.

Re: I would like to chat with someone that has set there ubtx up with a raspberry pi and is using fl digi,

Tony D'Angelo <tony_d_33931@...>

model numbers and pics if you can thanks

Re: I would like to chat with someone that has set there ubtx up with a raspberry pi and is using fl digi,

Tony D'Angelo <tony_d_33931@...>

it's a pi 3B sorry

Re: I would like to chat with someone that has set there ubtx up with a raspberry pi and is using fl digi,

Tony D'Angelo <tony_d_33931@...>

I would be happy to pay you for it I have the 7" display with the pi 3 and the RII keybord and mouse just sitting around, I want to get this all running and lend it to a buddy to get him started in H. just kind of dip his toes in as it where. and i am not using the stuff so why not right?

Re: Transmitter Mods

ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...>

To use the RD16hhf1 effectively you will need my mods and further mods to accommodate the
RD part differences mechanical and electrical.  Its not a drop in and its better thing.


Re: Transmitter Mods

Howard Fidel

The mods are compensating for both the driver insufficiency and the IRF510's. I haven't worked with the RD16HHF1. Maybe Allison would know the answer to your question, but I would expect that it would be fine, or maybe too much peaking. You could try installing the RDs and then adding the caps only. If more drive is still needed, add the inductor mod.

I have not posted anything about this, but I have been working on redesigning the transmitter chain in LT Spice and find that the IRF510 will put out 10 watts on all bands with sufficient drive levels. In simulation I have designed a new driver that does the job. It will require a new PCB, so I haven't experimented with it yet to validate it. If people are interested, I can post the details.


On 5/29/2018 5:55 PM, Sajid Rahum via Groups.Io wrote:
Any thoughts if these mods will hold if we switch irfs to RD16HHF1?

Re: Banggood front panel template

PlanckTime Runner

Looks good! Great idea for a home build.

On Tue, May 29, 2018, 12:41 brad martin <emclinux@...> wrote:
Figured I would share my design of the front panel of the Banggood ( that I have seen a lot of people using.  Im not a graphic designer or a designer of any sort so please edit this as you like or see fit and contribute your edits as you want.  Currently the basic design of this is that the uBITX mainboard, raduino, and LCD all just drop in.

Re: Transmitter Mods

Howard Fidel

Yes you are correct on the rework. I can send you the parts in Canada, just email me your QTH.


On 5/29/2018 5:48 PM, Sajid Rahum via Groups.Io wrote:
Thank you very much Howard & Rowland for speedy reply.  

For R86, do i solder off one end (example below, #2) , lift it up gently?  Solder one side to 33uH/27uH inductor to the R86 removed corner and inductor back to point #2?

 |         |
1        2

I will try to source the part locally here, I am out in Canada, va3qy.


Re: UBitx

Jack, W8TEE


In his original code (ubitx_20.ino), Farhan has a number of symbolic constants defined:

#define MASTER_CAL 0
#define LSB_CAL 4
#define USB_CAL 8
#define SIDE_TONE 12
//these are ids of the vfos as well as their offset into the eeprom storage, don't change these 'magic' values
#define VFO_A 16
#define VFO_B 20
#define CW_SIDETONE 24
#define CW_SPEED 28

These are offset addresses in the EEPROM memory map. Because the last offset is for the keyer speed, it is a two-byte int that ends up being assigned into cwSpeed. Therefore, the next "empty" offset address is 30. Because frequencies are unsigned long data types, You could add this to the list of constants:


Then, in the function initSettings(), you would add to the end of the EEPROM.get() block:


The real problem is how to update the EEPROM address just before you shut the rig down. That is, you need a statement:


The way I've done it in the past if maintain a timer that is reset each time you change frequencies. If the time interval between the last frequency change and the current frequency is greater than, say, 10 seconds, I assume that your are using (or are interested) in the current frequency, so I make an EEPROM.put() call using the statement above. I'm sure there are other ways, but this one is pretty simple.

Jack, W8TEE

On Wednesday, May 30, 2018, 8:10:44 AM EDT, allen west <kb4ra67@...> wrote:

Is there a way to set up uBitx so that it remembers the last frequency you had set at power off?  Mine always comes on with 10 MHz set.


Re: Need help understanding a line of code in ubitx_si5351.cpp (msxp2 = ...) #radiuno

David Feldman

I appreciate the continued discussion on these topics!

The document below from TI may (or may not) fully apply to the si5351 family, but I found it helpful in understanding fractional-N synthesis concepts (mainly, some of the refinements that help deal with the basic idea of jumping between two adjacent divider ratios.)

Re: CW Transmit Frequency VS Sidetone setting #radiuno #ubitx #ubitxcw #firmware

Daniel Conklin <danconklin2@...>

Tom,  I checked the box and left the setting at 0.  Now, when I switch to CWL the readout shows the correct transmit frequency.
Dan, W2DLC


allen west

Is there a way to set up uBitx so that it remembers the last frequency you had set at power off? Mine always comes on with 10 MHz set.