Hans Summers <Hans.Summers@...>

While I think on, Plumb Centre in the UK have a 1/2"
Delta Tap Washer Cat No C54018 in stock. The price
is £1.80 plus VAT for 10 washers. Not sure if they
will post but they have branches everywhere. All
the best, de Bill G0BAK.
What is a "delta" tap washer? I'd be careful... When I bought my tap washers
there were "delta" washers and ordinary ones. But I don't recall what the
difference was. Anyone know?

I got my (non-"delta") washers at my local hardware store where they sell a
pacl of 3 for £0.45 including VAT. I'm happy to send some to whoever wants
them. Farhan is also talking of sending me 1000 from India, and the TV

73 Hans G0UPL

(Again owing many people emails, pls QRX)

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