filter shielding?

Chris van den Berg

Hi all,
I had the intention to build this transceiver when a friend of me
brought this Yahoo group under my attention.
Too bad, now I spend all the time on reading all information instead
of building it ;-)
The nice thing I like is that the design is so basic, so
straightforward and everything (except the final stage) broadband
that it can be adjusted easily to everyones needs.

Because I have several x-tals with a frequency of 4.9152 MHz this
will be the IF frequency and because I want to make it for 18 Mhz, I
will try to cover the phone part with a VXO on about 13 MHz.

Looking at the pictures of other builders, I see several 'islands',
I do not build that way, I just solder every component to each other
(above the copper surface, only connected to it where needed).

What I also saw is that the x-tal filter has no kind of shielding.
Is it worth seperate the input/output of the filter with a kind of
shielding to prevent the signal passing it?

Good luck all,
Chris, PA3CRX

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