Re: Straight key problem V6 replay

David Wilcox K8WPE

But that doesn’t explain why a set of paddles works using the Dah key when the setup is set for “hand key”.  It does work, just uses different connections so processor speed must be satisfactory. Just the straight key is hooked up wrong to the processor. At least that is what I am thinking…… and I am not really up to speed on how the uBitx works for CW.  Any more thoughts?  I really want this to work stock before I screw it up with upgrades or mods.

Dave K8WPE

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On Nov 15, 2021, at 7:36 PM, Paul Jensen via <wkend_traveler@...> wrote:

On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 03:32 PM, David Wilcox K8WPE wrote:
Any ideas as to what the cause might be?
From memory, this is a software issue combined with a slow processor (Nano).  The software reads an a/d converter that looks at the key pin.  During the voltage transition (key press), it can read an intermediate voltage.

The only solution is a faster processor.  I went with the teensy processor solution (by w0eb).  This works great.  I can hook up a keyboard, use a keyer and a straight key.  Never messes up.  The user interface is well done and quite pleasing to use. 

I have a icom 7300 sitting next to the ubitx.  I tune around the bands with the ubitx.  It is more fun to use and is pleasant to listen to.  Perfect for listening to code practice.  If I hear something good, I will use the icom to transmit.

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