Straight key problem V6 replay

David Wilcox K8WPE

After looking over my new Version 6 uBitx and enjoying it I have discovered an issue regarding using a straight key. As I had mentioned in a previous email to the group when in “hand key” mode and using a straight key when I press down using the key (actually trying three different keys) it makes a squeak and occasionally will hold the side tone irrationally but I can’t use it to send. It sounds like dirty contacts but cleaning them makes no difference. BUT if I insert a set of paddles I can use the dah paddle all day sending like a straight key (still in the “hand key” mode).

I pulled out the board and closely examined the key jack. All looks great and the soldering looks excellent. I reheated the solder contacts anyway but no change. I am probably going to wire up a straight key using the same plug and contacts as a dah paddle and see how it goes.

I checked the contacts in the key jack under high power magnification and with an ohm meter and all seems according to the schematic as far as I can see. Some have advised to use the N8ME firmware but if there is an error or short somewhere I doubt that will fix the issue.

Any ideas as to what the cause might be? I can live with it but would like to figure this out.

Dave K8WPE

David J. Wilcox’s iPad

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