Re: Firmware options for the current uBitx v6 with the 2.8" tft display #ili9341

Mark Erbaugh

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten busy with other projects and haven’t worked on my uBITx sketch in quite some time.


The 0 value in the RF button indicates the amount of RF attenuation. With each touch it cycles through 0, 10, 20 and 30 dB (approximate) of attenuation. If you hold the button (until the radio beeps), it will reset to 0.  This isn’t a true attenuator, it just offset the first IF frequency from its nominal center value. This moves the receive bandwidth into one side of the first IF filter skirts which provides some attenuation.


The M buttons provide a memory feature. If you hold one of the M buttons until the radio beeps, the current settings will be saved in the memory.  There is currently no way to reset a saved memory to empty. The only thing you can do is reprogram it with another setup.


The BAND button will display a screen that lets you select an amateur radio band. The radio should remember the settings from the last time it was tuned to that band.







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Hello Joseph,

Many thanks for pointing to this Firmware from N8ME.
I just downloaded the latest one dated Feb-19, 2021 from the files section
First impression is very impressive and I'm exploring it.

Could you or N8ME point me to the documentation of this latest one please ? the earlier one does not have information on button "RF0" and "M1***" and the BAND button.

Nitin William


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