Re: Firmware options for the current uBitx v6 with the 2.8" tft display #ili9341

Evan Hand

On Fri, Aug 20, 2021 at 01:43 PM, Jack, W8TEE wrote:
I really don't understand the allure of the Nextion series of displays.

I think that the biggest allure for people on this listserver is that a lot of the programming has already been done by Dr. Lee (KD8CEC) and others.   I did a quick cost comparison, without trying to optimize either solution and came up with both costing around $48 for the main controller and screen combination.  The difference is where do you want to put your emphasis.  The comparison was a teensy with 2.8" ILI9341 and a Nano with 2.8" enhanced Nextion.  That is the cost of components, not the cost to modify an existing rig.

As to the underlying strategy, going to parallel processing for complex processes has been a mainstay for general-purpose computing since the color display boards for the IBM PC (actually you could look at supercomputers of that era as predating the color display boards).  Splitting the computing load between two processors allows adding features to one with minimal impact on the other.  That does make sense to me and has been done in many computing areas, especially for industrial control that is my background.

The above is the main reason I listed the choices based on what the ham wants to do with the uBITX.  There is almost always an extra cost involved in any of the changes, Reed N's software is the only one that does not have a hardware cost component.

These are my thoughts and opinions.  Others have the right to try to change them.  I am open to others' opinions but will keep the rights to my opinions.

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