Should I finish v4 build or sell and buy v6? #ubitx #v4


I really liked building and operating 2 Bitx 40s (one for son-in-law), and bought uBitx v4 for more options, including possible digital. I printed the front and rear panels, knobs, and started that wiring, then got busy helping others and am just returning to the build. In looking at the comments on the v4 it looks like it will be OK for my needs (I use headphones, and could add agc later), but that v6 is significantly better (less image, already Nextion ...). Wondering if better to sell what is shown (hasn't had power applied, the board is just positioned while I wire up the controls, etc., so if it worked at HF Sigs it will still work) for $55? and put that into v6?

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