Microphone level adjustment question

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When I listen to my Hendricks BitX20A on a local receiver I hear some really rough audio at times. If I use my electret mic it is worse than if I use an old 600 ohm dynamic mic with a DC blocking cap.

Back in the good old days, before ALC, I would use a scope to look at the RF envelope for flat topping but I no longer have a scope. Is there any simple way to detect flat topping other than to look at the output with a scope?

My concern is that if I am NOT flat topping the finals badly then it may be a sign of the instability problem pointed out by Martien (PE1BWI) and I should apply his stability mods.

I would appreciate any input you might have on the proper way to adjust the audio input levels without a scope AND and comments on the likelihood that the is the instability that PE1BWI was talking about.

Oh yes.... the local receiver was not being overloaded. Both the local receiver and the BitX20A were connected to 50 ohm dummy loads and I was listening with headphones to prevent any feedback possibilities.

73 - Mike - K9JRI

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