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Hi Raj,

Well I went to the electronic shop...
Perhaps I should go to the chemist who sell products for the water treatment.
I will try next week.
Anyway, I still have to find a PCB!

Here we use Javel (NaClO) has bleach.

Thanks for your advices.
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Le 26 mai 2010 à 19:48, Raj a écrit :


Use plain Ferric Chloride solution and rock the tray while etching for a even etch. College lab supply stores will stock them anywhere IMHO.

H2O2 is used as a bleach by the YLs, check with your XYL !!

73 Raj vu2zap

Well, it seems that I did not print the odd pages...
This also explains why I was missing information I though I had before when I was having a quick look on the computer!

The problem is I am not able to find Hydrogen Peroxide here.
Before when I was in France I was used to etch PCB, but here it is more difficult.
Even a PCB I have to buy abroad...

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