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Well, it seems that I did not print the odd pages...
This also explains why I was missing information I though I had before when I was having a quick look on the computer!

The problem is I am not able to find Hydrogen Peroxide here.
Before when I was in France I was used to etch PCB, but here it is more difficult.
Even a PCB I have to buy abroad...

Finally it could be the solution to import all the equipment needed for PCB etching.
I have to think it.

Thanks Elia,
Yannick DEVOS - XV4TUJ (Blog in french) (web page in english)

Le 26 mai 2010 à 17:32, 2E0ZHN a écrit :

Hello Yan,

I looked at this datasheet

Look at page 11 the dimensions diagram.
You can make your own adapter for an MSOP, just get a small pcb, cover it with spray paint and let dry. I use light grey normally. Once the paint is dry just draw the layout of the copper tracks and using a thick needle or a sharpened nail scratch the paint off where it is not needed (ie between the copper traces) then etch and voila, you have an MSOP adapter!

73's Elia

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Hi Elia,

Thanks for your answer.
I read the datasheet many times and was unable to find the picth.
Looking on internet I only found 0,65mm for MSOP, but that's true my chip seem narrower that the one I just soldered for the Si570 controller.

I will have to find another way to use this chip...
MSOP adapters are harder to find and more expensive.

Yannick DEVOS - XV4TUJ

Le 26 mai 2010 à 00:07, 2E0ZHN a écrit :

Hi Yannick,

The MSOP pitch is usually 0.65mm or 0.5mm where as SSOP is 0.65mm or 1.27mm. Looking at the data sheet for the SSM2167 it says a pitch of 0.5mm which means unfortunately it will not fit in a SSOP adapter.

73's Elia, 2E0ZHN

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I already asked this question on another group but since nobody seems to know, I give it a try here...

Do you know if a MSOP part will fit in a SSOP prototyping adapter ?

I received a SSM2167 (mike pre-amp + compressor) for my BitX.
Before having the chip in hands, I though I should be able to build an adapter by myself but now I am a bit afraid of damaging the chip.
My parts provider (Futurlec) only sells SSOP to DIL adapters.
The pin pitch seems the same (0,065 mm).

Thanks by advance for your help.
Yannick DEVOS - XV4TUJ (Blog in french) (web page in english)

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