Hi Yannick,

The MSOP pitch is usually 0.65mm or 0.5mm where as SSOP is 0.65mm or 1.27mm. Looking at the data sheet for the SSM2167 it says a pitch of 0.5mm which means unfortunately it will not fit in a SSOP adapter.

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I already asked this question on another group but since nobody seems to know, I give it a try here...

Do you know if a MSOP part will fit in a SSOP prototyping adapter ?

I received a SSM2167 (mike pre-amp + compressor) for my BitX.
Before having the chip in hands, I though I should be able to build an adapter by myself but now I am a bit afraid of damaging the chip.
My parts provider (Futurlec) only sells SSOP to DIL adapters.
The pin pitch seems the same (0,065 mm).

Thanks by advance for your help.
Yannick DEVOS - XV4TUJ (Blog in french) (web page in english)

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