Re: Homebrew is alive and well in Vienna Virginia #homebrew

Gordon Gibby

That’s fascinating. Thank you for all the information. I may try to do a bit of that at some point with our local group. We have been doing it local NVIS net on 80 m as low as five watts.  

Most of our people would not be able to succeed without some printed circuit boards.   But this doesn’t look too difficult to create a few different boards and have them made in China.

Gordon KX4Z

On Apr 17, 2021, at 16:46, Curt via <wb8yyy@...> wrote:

N6QW perhaps has homebrewed as many rigs as anyone the past couple days, and he shares his designs to encourage others. 

If you look carefully he tries to major in inexpensive parts.

Wonderful to have a group of 20 folk building a rig. 
Ashhar certainly mentioned w7zoi publishing these bidirectional amplifiers maybe 4 decades ago, in fact I remember him visiting with Wes on a trip to US.  

Thanks Dean for showing us the build there. 


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