Re: Homebrew is alive and well in Vienna Virginia #homebrew

Dean Souleles

Jerry -

You missed the point entirely.

20 hams, some whom had never built anything will soon have 100% scratch-built SSB transceivers on the air.  The design goal was a low part count, common component, easy to assemble rig that performs well on the air.  There is no "complete schematic" by intent.  This is a project for for inexperienced builders and we take it one module at a time.  I don't need the full rig on one piece of paper in order to build the audio amplifier stage. In fact, if I had had to start with a full schematic I would never have picked up a soldering iron.   But if you really want a full schematic, in the spirit of a community project go ahead and make one.

Similarly the decision to use a commercial filter and mixers was a design decision to increase the likelihood of success for the first time builder.  You could say the same about the SI-5351 and Arduino.  The decision to use relays for steering is also a design choice. Reliability has not been an issue to-date and if it is, they are easy to swap out. 

As far as  citing sources -  most of the modules are pretty standard circuits that derive from many sources.  The bi-directional IF module is decidedly not a ubitx derivative.  The bidirectional amplifiers that comprise it are documented in EMRFD and were originally in a Plessey Manpack. 

The result is a fine performing transceiver - I have worked much of the world SSB phone on 5 watts - and the whole world on WSPR.  I get great audio reports and the rig produces a very clean and compliant spectrum. 

It is also an experimenters platform.  The modular design makes it easy to try different design ideas - you don't like the relay steered IF - substitute your favorite circuit and share it.   Since my original build I have added CAT control via software, made it a two bander (I used relays for the BPF and LPF switches also),  Added and S-meter and audio derived gain control.  And the sketch now supports LCD's, color TFT's or Nextion displays. 


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