Re: Homebrew is alive and well in Vienna Virginia #homebrew

Jerry Gaffke

The N6QW rig is worth looking over.
I am a little bit frustrated that there is no complete and current schematic presented.
If somebody has a complete schematic, would be nice if you could post it.

No mention of previous work, but does look like a Bitx20 derivative.
It is almost as old:

The N6QW rig is simple in part because of all the relays.
At this power level I'd prefer zero relays for better reliability.

When evaluating how simple it is, keep in mind that it has ready made
ADE-1 mixers and a purchased crystal filter, which does make construction easier.
The BItx rigs keep costs to a minimum by using 3904's almost everywhere,
discrete mixers, and a scratch built crystal filter.

I've been thinking a good way to reverse an IF with mixers at each end plus an amp and a crystal filter
is to have have RC low pass and high pass filters at each end to separate audio and rf,
the tx/rx switch is done solely by programming  different Si5351 frequencies for the mixers.
Seems better and cheaper than using relays.

Jerry, KE7ER

On Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 06:35 AM, Dean Souleles wrote:
Hi all -

Some exciting news to share...

20 members of the Vienna Wireless Society Maker's Group are building a 100% scratch-built SSB transceiver based on N6QW, Pete Juliano's SimpleSSB, which I completed last year.  Not a bitX, but a close relative.  Pete's design using only 10 transistors combined with an Arduino/SI5351 controller.  I've extended to include CAT control, a Nextion touch screen, and made it a dual bander for 20 and and 40.  Since completing the rig last year I've worked stations on phone and digital all over the world.  This is a fun project for anyone wanting to build a transceiver from scratch.

I started the group build about six weeks ago and the first of our maker's got the receiver chain working just this week.  Read all about it and see videos and pictures of the in-progress build on my blog


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