Re: Homebrew is alive and well in Vienna Virginia #homebrew

Don - KM4UDX

As a uBITX devotee, I can report that the SSB home brew is "uBITX adjacent".  The SI5153, the arduino, dual purpose architecture,  IFR510 final, etc all parallel the uBITX.  And Dean's Furlough 40/20 has scored numerious QSO's with other uBITX operators. 

I'd like to think that is some way, the uBITX gave way to the F40/20. A more primal primitive offspring. 

The uBITX got me into the radio hobby. It was approachable, reasonable, wickedly capable,  and CAT-enabled.

But mostly, and I did not appreciate this when I started, it had a vigorous supporting ecosystem.  Having a group of smart and kind folks to answer the same questions with grace, and point out the obvious to a newbie, was actually the key secret ingredient. The uBITX and tribe was a perfect gateway drug. 

The SSB F40/20 is now helping me learn how these darn mystical miracle devices called radios work. It has the same (if much smaller) supporting environment.  And that makes it all work. 

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