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Jack, W8TEE


Pete's a genius and has a wonderful way of "stage building" things. This is Al's and my SDT on a breadboard:

Inline image

We're using a breadboard platform that Al created with his 3D printer. Some will recognize Hans rcvr in the upper-right and the JackAl (red) PCB on the left side. That's a 5" touch screen and a pitiful 1.25" speaker. We're not using the touch screen for reasons I've mentioned here before, hence all the push button switches.

Al's breadboard allows us to screw the components to the surface. He has also fashioned brackets for connectors (e.g., antenna, power, keyer, etc.). Since Al and I live about a mile from each other, the breadboard makes it easy for me to carry the SDT over to Al for testing. (Al has more and better test equipment than I do, plus the advantage of knowing what he's doing with it.)

Jack, W8TEE

On Thursday, April 15, 2021, 10:25:09 PM EDT, Dean Souleles <dsouleles@...> wrote:

I prefer al-fresco Manhattan construction...... presenting the Furlough 2040 - based on Pete Juliano's Simple SSB...  not so elegant looking - but a thing of beauty for me!  

I'm working with a Maker group of 20 guys now all building this scratch-built rig - not a printed board in sight!  Tough to toss in a backpack though!


Jack, W8TEE

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