Re: Are all the Bitx version fundamentally the same?

Don - KM4UDX

Eli --I use the radio as a usb appliance 95% of the time via Fldigi and my computer.  Someday we will have a nice dongle di what the uBITX does. No hardware interface beyond USB or maybe bluetooth or wifi direct. 

But till then, I just couldn't stand all the cables connecting the uBITX and the computer. So I wondered if I could embed  a single board computer into my uBITX box.  Then all the cat control   and audio would be internal to the radio, and I would just hook up a keyboard/mouse/monitor. And with a small RPi-friendly  monitor, battery power would be very viable. 

That required adding a usb port strip to the RPi-clone, and working on shielding the SBC from the RF in the radio, but it did work just fine.

Except for the RPi clone. I was using Ubuntu, and lbuntu, and getting the browser, Fldigi,  audio routing, logger, and whatnot all working was a nightmare for this Windows Louser. So after a year of the good fight, I pulled the RPi clone out of the rig, reattached  the uBITX  to my shack computer, and I am no longer wanting to stab myself in the eye rather than remember another obscure unix command. Or getting library bits to resolve build errors. Gag me now. 

So the uBITX worked great with am imbeded SBC, but the radio operator was total failure at running the SBC. So that is my sad but true story.

I may try it again using a legit RPi4 with lots of memory and maybe that software package that automatically installs all the typical  ham radio applications in one big package, or I may just have a productive life doing something else.

At the moment I vote for something else.

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