Re: Let the upgrades begin! #ubitxv6

Robert AG6LK

Hi Justin,

I really like your setup. It's pretty sweet looking. I just ordered a v6 yesterday from Gigaparts. It'll be here on Friday. I  just ordered the Mic that you suggested from Amazon thanks for the tip.
I also ordered a 3.5" Nextion enhanced display last week and it was just delivered yesterday. what's enhanced about it I don't know yet, I guess I'll see, I'm not sure how the Nextion sets up to the v6. I've seen that other people have put the 3.5" Nexton in their v6, so I know that it can be done. The only problem is they never explain in their post how they installed it. I was hoping you would explain how you installed yours, Can you also point me in the right direction for the correct tft file? I would greatly appreciate it. 

Thanks in advance, 73.

Robert, AG6LK

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