Re: 5.0" Nextion for uBitX V6 #nextion #ubitxv6 #ubitx6-help

Evan Hand


I have not used a 5" screen.  I have used a 2.4", 2.8", 3.2", and a 3.5" Nextion.  They have all worked the same to the most extent, though some of the Nextion programs have more features than others.  I could not see any issue with going to the 5" display as long as you can find the right Nextion files for it.  There are some in the files section here and on

One key thing to consider is the supply for the larger screen.  I would recommend adding a second 5volt regulator just for the larger screen.  I have seen them mounted to the case for heat transfer and then run the power to the screen with a common ground for the data lines.

To get a feel for what is in the Nextion program, you can use the Nextion editor and load the .hmi file then run in debug mode.

Above are my thoughts, you may want to wait to hear from someone who has used the larger screen.

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