Re: Are all the Bitx version fundamentally the same?


This is how I set up for FT8. I haven't tried much else. All of this is on a windows PC...although I have a rasperry Pi I may switch to.

I am doing the following:
1. Installed WSJT-X-
2. Installed a timesynctool-
3. Connect uBITX to PC via USB cable
   3a. Check Device Manager for COM port
4. Connect uBITX to PC via USB Sound Card- uBITX Mic to PC Earphone/uBITX speaker (front panel) to PC Mic
  4a. I had to "customize" the Audio cable from the USB soundcard to uBITX-
5. Turn On uBITX (with antenna connected)
6. Check Settings (configuration) in WSJT-X-
  6.a Radio
    Rig: Yaesu FT-817
    Serial Port: COM8 (based on step 3, not that this can change if you plug in to a USB hub instead)
     Baud: 38400
     Data Bits, Stop Bits, Handshake- All Default
     PTT Method; CAT
     Mode: USB
    Split Operation: Rig
    PTT method: CAT
  6b. Audio
   Input: USB Sound (step 4)
   Speakers: USB Sound  (step 4)
7. Cross fingers....

Actually, this worked well. WSJT is doing the PTT no trouble. I probably could have used the sound ports on my PC as well, but I had the USB device lying around, and could limit the sounds going to it while still hearing my PC through regular audio.

Contact me if you need more information.



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