Re: Dead Or Just Sick?


I finally got back in the shack this afternoon, and was able to try some things you suggested.   Here is what I have found so far;

(1) The Nano will connect to the PC by itself, and functions as it should.
(2) The Nano will not connect to the PC when in the Raduino (this is with the Raduino pulled from board, and display disconnected).
(3) The Nano reads 3.3v when the Nano is connected to the PC by itself.
(4) The Nano reads about half a volt on the same pin when plugged into the Raduino  (The Raduino is still pulled from board, and still disconnected from display).
(5) A visual inspection (with hood magnifier) found no indications of a cracked or damaged component.  

Any suggestions as to what to check next?

Thanks and 73,

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