Re: Linear Amp Idea

Bob Benedict, KD8CGH

I've also been interested in this.  I think the Hardrock-50 is a good value for a proven, robust design. The man behind the Hardrock-50, Jim Veatch WA2EUJ, won last years NXP Homebrew RF Design Challenge for his design of a 100 watt Hf amp using MRF101AN
You can buy bare amp, TR, VSWR bridge and LPF boards from RF Power tools

Jim posted about developing an MRF101 product here, see posts by jcve...@gmail in this topic about an MRF101 amp for the Hermes Lite 2 QRP SDR

One price for MRF101 performance is needing a 50 volt power supply. For the Hardrock version Jim also mentions limits on the built in ATU range. Is three db over the existing Hardrock-50 worth it?

    Bob  KD8CGH

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