Re: uBitx v4.3 won't Transmit

Patrick Peter Rosney

Still back at square one with this Radio ... measured 0.4V between Pin 2 ( blue wire ). and Pin 5 ( orange wire ) of the Raduino whether  the Key is pressed or not ...
not very good at following &  reading circuits so don't know where to look or go next 
Radio receives lovely but will not transmit when I press my  key ...
Have this radio left to one side 
Peadar Ei2if 

On Wed, 27 Jan 2021, 10:51 Evan Hand, <elhandjr@...> wrote:

Yes, I would say that the PTT and CW KEY signals are not getting to the Raduino/Nano as the most likely cause.  I would trace out the Orange or Blue wire from the Raduino control header and try shorting one of them to ground.  That should put the uBITX into transmit.  If not, then you may have an issue with the Nano on the Raduino board.

If shorting the wire does put the radio into TX mode, then I would look at the ground connections of the two 3.5mm jacks.  The ground wire may have broken off.  Trace out the Yellow wire from the Raduino connector and verify that it is going to the shield connections of the two plugs.


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