Re: uBITX V6 Aligment and CAT #calibration #cat


Vic full success ...I am really happy

In the morning had the first QSO with CT7/K9PM with new settings..

Just now called on 14 060 - RBN's also in USA. then Aurel KY9KYO from Knox IN replied.

He was 419 he gave me 449 - I had 5-6 Watts.- he was quiet/weak but good to recognize bc no QRM.

Interesting the RBN was exactly on the QRG I called 14060 but Aurel replyed abt 180 Hz lower.

I'll watch for this, maybe in next QSO I'll ask for the exact QRG.

Could this be the CW RX BFO ?
73 de Erich



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