uBITX V6 Aligment and CAT #calibration #cat



my V6 is working -

with kit-projects AGC

with SOTABEAMS VARI Audio Filter

with CEC 1.2 and Nextion 2.8"

Now the problems


A lot read and studies abt calibration....

Now I reached 100% accurate QRG (made with 15715 Voice of America, 9660 TUR, 5980 TUR, 9450, 9555 ARS, also Chinese Broadcast and TimeBeacons TX RU and USAon 9666, 10'000, 14996, 10'000, 15'000 (20'000 no condx) )

AM broadcast full clear and gd quality. The SSB Amateurs easy to tune and 100% clear.

CW now:

Sending CW:  uBITX shows 10117.00 - with CWU Twente receive my sig on 10117.72, with CWL see on Twente 10116.28

Sending CWL uBITX shows 21060 - twente receives my sig on 21059.3

Fact its abt 720 Hz on Side...CWL or CWU

Where I have to adjust ? 


2.nd CAT - not so important but nice to have) (on Linux Mint Mate 20.1)

I connected to FLDIGI (FLRIG and with CAT in FLDigi) but are not able to etablish a connection.

Manager works, XLoad also works.

(I also have the FT-991A which works well with FLRig or CAT within Fldigi) - I prefere with FLRig.

The USB Cable is short and doubled shielded, the Port is well known - and works with Manager and XLoader.

Any suggestions ?

The report abt assembling the V6 is here (in German but with pictures)


73 de Erich



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