Re: VK3BHR LC meter inductance measurement problem #homebrew


Hello Mr Sarma,

Thanks for your reply.
I used a 100uH +/- 20% 0.3ohm toroid (Multicomp) but I did not measure its actual value before soldering it to circuit, I will check it.
C1 and C2 I used NP0 ceramic caps 1000pF +/-5%, but now I am arranging 1% polystyrene caps.
Crystal is 4MHZ  50ppm (Abracon), I think its is fine to have 50ppm.

I will update the firmware, I am also doubting my K150 PIC programmer. It appears that it programs the chip fine, but is it possible that it may have missed some part of code during programming. I have zero knowledge of PIC microcontroller. I am using it blindly. And the K150 programmer is used in linux with a python programmer as I could not get it working in windows.

F1 is deviated from limit, I will measure F1 with a separate counter to check for its accuracy.

For the relay I used a normal 5V relay with a transistor driver. But it is close to L1. I have to make some arrangement to keep it away from L1.

After above steps I will come back here again with success or failure story.


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