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Rubens Kamimura

Hello everyone,

Grateful for the tips.
I changed the five relays of the uBITX v4, it improved a lot, for example it stopped oscillating the power, even with "fake it" unchecked for "split" operation. Now I need to resolve the issue of the absence of RF power in the range of 10 to 15m, I believe I will have to replace the Q90 transistor.
Saudações fraternais, 
73's PY2PVB

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Yes, uBITX has some problems, as it was developed to serve as economically as possible. That is why we are working and trying to improve. I am very grateful to the group for their help and attention. I have tried to work with a resting current of around 90mA and with injection (VR1 setting) for low power (QRP) in the range of 5 to 7 Watts (40m/FT8), to avoid RF feedback. But, there are inevitably unwanted feedbacks that we have to rework. Use JTDX with "fake it" selected.

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As the originator of this thread I would like to thank everyone who joined in, I knew when I bought my uBITX V6 it was low power and planned on that
Since August I have made almost 500 contacts using FT8 which include 18 countries
Running low power means you pay a lot more attention to antenna construction, cable runs and definitely paying attention to band conditions and timing
Will be looking at slightly more power in the future but right now 5-7 watts is still fun

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