Re: FT8 and power levels

Rubens Kamimura


Yes, uBITX has some problems, as it was developed to serve as economically as possible. That is why we are working and trying to improve. I am very grateful to the group for their help and attention. I have tried to work with a resting current of around 90mA and with injection (VR1 setting) for low power (QRP) in the range of 5 to 7 Watts (40m/FT8), to avoid RF feedback. But, there are inevitably unwanted feedbacks that we have to rework. Use JTDX with "fake it" selected.

Em sex., 22 de jan. de 2021 às 10:55, Mitchel Rought <mitchelrought@...> escreveu:

As the originator of this thread I would like to thank everyone who joined in, I knew when I bought my uBITX V6 it was low power and planned on that
Since August I have made almost 500 contacts using FT8 which include 18 countries
Running low power means you pay a lot more attention to antenna construction, cable runs and definitely paying attention to band conditions and timing
Will be looking at slightly more power in the future but right now 5-7 watts is still fun

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