Re: Ubitx alignment

Rubens Kamimura

Olá todos, 

Tenho uBITX v4, seria um problema de alinhamento a falta de potência RF de 10 a 15m? Na frequência de 7074kHz a potência de saída oscila aproximadamente 5 W. Mesmo ativando "fake It" no JTDX. O circuito LPF 10m e o relé KT1, estão ok.

Em qua, 20 de jan de 2021 12:48, Bruce Morrell <bmorrelltx@...> escreveu:

I just spent several several days to get the best possible calibration using an oscilloscope, my Ears and Ashhar's audio spectrum analyzer.  The radio has been modified with KD8CEC firmware with 3.2 Nextion display.  The first observation I want to make is that Ashhar and Dr. Lee are geniuses.  This radio does so much with so little.  That being said, what I wish for is better signal to noise ratio.  I compare this radio to my kenwood side by side, where the kenwood picks up weak signals that I have to strain to hear on the ubit.  Before this conversation goes off the rails, I completely understand this is a QRP kit and I should not have high expectations.  That being said, with in the limits of the radio and its current design, how to achieve the best SNR.  

I tuned the LO using an Oscilliscope to precisely 10mhz, and when I hit the PTT turned the radio off then back on it was 18kHZ higher.  It still zero beat WWV at 10mhz with the  BFO is tuned to 11.0562mhz.

So can anyone tell why the calibration freg changes like that?  If I continue to play with it to get a a better calibration will it change my SNR??  Just asking... Bruce KB8MW

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