Re: TUNE signal for tuning tuners

Rafael Diniz

Just set CW keyer to hand-key and key the radio, you'll get a continuous
CW for tuner adjustment. I'm adding a "TUNE" button in my ubitx v6
interface code for this.


On 1/19/21 8:30 PM, wrote:
This past weekend, I went back in time and reviewd posts back to 2018.

About half way through I started taking notes but... I did not take
any notes on how to unbalance the balanced modular to get a signal out
for using a tuner.

Anyone have that info available?  

If I recall the ham disabled a resistor causing an imbalance and a
steady signal came out which he used to tune his tuner.  He turned it
on and off with a toggle switch.

Frank, KG9H

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