Re: I think I damaged my display.uBitx V3

Jerry Gaffke

For a clone Nano, do a web search for "nano ch340"
You don't want the headers soldered in place because they would be soldered on the wrong side for plugging into a Raduino.

For the display, search for "1602 lcd", or maybe "1602 lcd HD44780"
You want the parallel interface for the v3 uBitx, not one with the i2c backpack.
Though if using it on other projects, the i2c backpack version is easier to wire up to the nano.
Examples of parallel interface:

Ordering from China through Banggood can take a month, but usually cheaper than a distributor here in the US.
Tayda is cheap and has a warehouse in the US.  Some Banggood items are stocked in the US.

Maybe get two or three of each, they are fun to play with and you can make them do other useful stuff.
Having a couple Nano's allows you to program new code while leaving the one with the old code on the shelf..


On Tue, Jan 19, 2021 at 11:18 AM, <bradkirk@...> wrote:
Thanks, do you know where I could buy a display or arduino? I've looked but I can't see a source.

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